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Barry Johnston

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Barry Johnston is the founder and President (Kancho) of the International Sabaki Karate-Do Teshinkai Organization and recognised as Grandmaster of the system.

Kancho Barry Johnston has been teaching on a full time basis for over 45 years and currently directs the expansion of the Teshinkai system into Asia initially and eventually the other continents of Europe Africa and America.
Kancho Barry Johnston has a mission to bring quality karate training to all people, regarless of race, religion, gender or socio economic background. It is his firm belief that a well balance martial arts program is capable of changing the lives of individuals and communities in a positive way through exercise, healthy living, personal self defence and positive mindset.

A resident of Bendigo, Victoria Australia, he operates one of the nations most renown martial arts schools, the "Bendigo Mixed Martial Arts Academy!" The school is World Headquarters to the Teshinkai Organisation, but also offer's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing to round off the full mixed martial arts approach that is highly sought after in the world today. The facility also boasts the regions largest weight training facilities and this provides the basis from which true high performance training can be achieved.

Kancho Johnston has been teaching karate on a full-time basis now for over 45 years. Many thousands of students have trained under his tutelage and many hundreds have gone on to achieve black belt and earn competition recognition.

As a competitor Johnston competed in various State titles at the time which led him to eventually compete in the Kyokushinkaikan International Kurjurnas Brawijaya Cup held in Indonesia in 1981. Upon returning from this tournament Kancho Johnston established his school and started his journey of a lifetime in martial arts. He knows all too well the changes and opportunities that martial arts provided him and so he shares these same opportunities with others.

In 2001 Australia became the first country in the world to offer martial arts as a recognised vocational training program. The Department of Sport and Recreation Australia in conjunction with the Office of Training and Further Education released its Certificate II, III, IV and Diploma of Sport Coaching for Martial Arts. It was Johnston who worked with the government department to provide the key concepts that allowed the program to be accepted and agreed upon by all martial arts disciplines as the universal standard in the industry at the time and its subsequent release in 2003. Over than 14,000 martial arts industry qualifications were issued buy Johnstons Registered Training Organisation (Australian College of Sports Development) between 2003 and 2014. The program helped to inject over $40 Million into the industry over this period. Other achievements by his college includes the “Skills for Life” program (a martial arts based Vocational training Program for Secondary Schools) many thousands of school students enrolled in the program, assisting the to improved their overall "ENTER" score, should they have wanted to continue training into university.

Kancho Barry Johnston's relationship with martial arts has helped change and improve the lives of all people, not just in the physical sense but in the development of character and respect in our young and the physical and mental health of a community’s older practitioners.

Kancho Barry Johnston has a mission to bring the benefits of martial arts training to the general public, and in time provide a significant contribution to the communities he serves and leave a legacy that will be recognized for years to come.

Awards & Certifications

WKO Certification | 2010-03-09

Kyokushinkaikan Shodan | 1981-02-09

Rokudan | 2008-10-30

Teshinkai (Kyokushinkaikan recognised) 7th Dan | 2016-06-23

Work Experience

International College of Kenshusei | CEO

Sport and Recreation Training Australia | Curriculum Development Martial Arts Industry

TAFE Bendigo | Trainer and Assessor

Australian College of Sports Development | CEO

Bendigo Mixed Martial Arts Academy | Owner Manager

American College of Sports Development | CEO

Fit Republic PL | Director

Community Safe Initiatives LTD | Chairman

Kyokushinkaikain Aliied Karate LTD | Executive Director

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  • Shihan Barry Johnston is a very highly respected martial arts instructor and has done so much for the community. Also, he has changed the industry by the facilitation of courses resulting in instructors studying and obtaining professional qualifications which has never been done before. He is still a very active martial arts instructor and has about 500 students training under him. He has close connections with some of the most highly respected martial arts masters in the world.

    George Adams on Oct:2020
  • It has been my pleasure to work with Barry Johnston since 2001. In 2003 Barry and I introduced the concept of Government Recognised Qualifications for the martial arts industry that he had a few years earlier written for the education department. It was through his Registered Training Organisation (called the "International College of Kenshusei") that the qualifications were delivered and ther is no doubt that this initiative changed the face of the industry for the better forever! Formal qualifications could now be realised for anyone training in martial arts and to this day there is nothing that equals this initiative. I will continue to work with Barry Johnston into the future with similar projects. As a business person and as a karate instructor Barry Johnston is a man of principles and integrity. I recommend Barry Johnston as a coach and as a human being.

  • I have known Barry as a dear friend and fellow Martial Artist since the early 70's. I honestly do not know someone who has been more tirelessly dedicated to the betterment of our martial arts community. His desire to create a totally safe and professional learning environment to all who wish to engage in and benefit from martial arts training is truly inspirational. To me, Barry's mission statement says it all. 'To bring benefits of a well structured martial arts system to all people, regardless of religion, race, creed or socio-economic background'. Barry's integrity, honesty and dedication to the arts we love so much is second to none. I cannot recommend Barry more highly as a coach and leader in our MA community.

    Richard Norton on Oct:2021
  • I have trained under Kancho Barry as a friend and Student since the early 90's, then as a student again in the early 2000’s with the "International College of Kenshusei gaining additional Government Recognised Qualifications for the martial arts industry. Barry has been a true inspiration to me welcoming all people to train in his Dojo, regardless of religion, race or socio-economic background', also via the Australian Collage of Sports Development, Skills for Life program, where Barry offered training to secondary school students believing this is an integral part of children's development, especially for at risk children. Barry has made the Te Shin Kai Karate - Do have a family feel, to all that train there while teaching students discipline perseverance, respect and humility. I personally look to Barry like a father figure and feel that I would not have achieved what I have both professionally and personally if it were not for the key values of Te Shin Kai Karate to become a good leader. I have had many conversations with Barry in regards to Coach Check and he is very passionate about safety and regulation of the Martial Arts industry. Barry wishes to ensure the safety for all of the Martial arts industry, Barry has worked tirelessly to implement the first fully-impartial vetting program for coaches around the world. I have always known Barry to be a good role model through his integrity, honesty and dedication to the Martial Arts, therefore I cannot recommend Barry highly enough as a friend, coach and leader of the Martial Arts community.

    Philip Hughes on Oct:2021
  • I have trained under Kancho Barry for many years. He has been a true role model to me. Not just as a karate practitioner but also in his acceptance of people from all backgrounds. He truely loves watching his students become the best versions of themselves, no matter the starting point. His love and respect of his family is evident and something to aspire to. He is a very humble man and never demands respect but certainly receives it for he is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate Sensei. I cannot recommend Te Shin Kai and Kancho Barry enough. Training here has changed my life for the better in countless way.

    Lisa West on Nov:2021

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“Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!”


Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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