Tony Bowden

Tony Bowden

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Shihan Tony Bowden is a 6th Dan Black Belt in Kyokushinkai Karate.

Shihan Tony is a highly regarded and well-known and respected heavyweight Karate champion who dominated the tournament circuit for over 10 years. Is it any wonder he earned the reputation as the hard man of Kyokushin Karate!
Shihan Tony’s fighting career began in the 1980’s where he competed in Kyokushin tournaments along with Non-Contact or FAKO tournaments as they were called in those days. It was the Kyokushin Tournaments that gave him the satisfaction of competition that he was wanting, and so began a successful competition career.
In 1977 Tony entered the first Australian National Tournament held by the AKKA in the Sydney Town Hall this was the first time that a tournament of any style had been held here, Sosai Mas Oyama was the guest of honour at our first Nationals. That year he took second place in the Heavyweight Division due to a compound fracture of the finger forcing him out of the tournament. Tony’s greatest disappointment was not being presented the winner trophy by Sosai Mas Oyama.

Tony returned the following year in Melbourne to take out the Heavyweight Division and come second in the Grand Champion. Tony went on to taking 3 more championships and 3 Grand Championships after which they ceased holding that event.

In 1979 Tony represented Australia at the World Titles in Tokyo, Japan to which I made it through to the final 32. With my final fight on the last day of a three day tournament, against a young Japanese instructor Sensei Koichi Kawabata, losing on decision it was won of Tony’s greatest fights.

Shihan Tony now focusses his time and energies expanding and improving the state of Queensland where he has held the National Camp for the past 20 years along with holding the Queensland State Titles. Shihan now has dojo’s in Townsville , Mackay, Gladstone, Ipswich, Kingscliff, Palm Beach and Nerang.

Awards & Certifications

6th Dan kyokushin karate (Matsushima) | 1999-05-20

National Heavyweight Champion | 1978-08-03

Second Place Kyokushin Karate Championships | 1977-08-03

Australian representative Kyokushinkai World Titles in Japan | 1979-08-09

3rd Place Asian Pacific Championships in Hawaii | 1985-09-20

Work Experience

Queensland Branch Chief Kyokushin Karate (Matsushima) | Director

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Gold Coast, QLD, Australia Australia

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Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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