Darryl Turner

Darryl Turner

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Darryl Turner is a 5th Dan in Wu Shu Ryu system of Karate. Hanshi Darryl's experience in martial arts began in 1971 where his journey saw him gain experience in Karate, Boxing, Judo, and Wing Chun Kung Fu under Grandmaster William Cheung.

Darryl currently teaches the style left to him by the late Master Dean Watt, a highly respected Zendokai instructor who modeled Darryl to become a significant and powerful force in his local martial arts community.

Hanshi Darryl is known for his strength as a martial artist and strength in terms of morals and ethics. Many martial artists are thankful for the solid grounding provided by Hanshi Darryl and have gone on to establish their own successes in life, in martial arts and beyond. One such student worth mentioning is his own son Cadman who has gone on to become a star of WWE Championship Wrestling.
Hanshi Darryl has never lost his desire to learn and when most are happy to rest on their laurels, Darryl has chosen to begin his training in Brazilian jiu Jitsu under the guidance of the Team Norton BJJ Academy.

Awards & Certifications

Working with children | 01/30/2019

Sempi | 1978

2nd Dan | 21/11/1988

2nd Dan | 21/11/1988

3rd Dan Sensei | 29/10/1990

4th Dan Renshi | 29/10/1992

5th Dan Hanshi | 30/05/1999

Work Experience

Plaza fitness | Gym and aerobics instructor

Vigor gym | Gym and aerobics instructor

Mobile aerobics ( Barry Johnston) | Aerobics instructor

Zen Do Kai Karate (Dean Watt) | Instructor

Wu Shu Ryu Karate | Teacher

Health Service Providers. | Disability Support/ Residential Care

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Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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