Carlo Massimino

Carlo Massimino

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Carlo is an Internationally certified 6th Dan Kukkiwon Black belt and has had one of the most successful careers in the history of taekwondo in Australia.

During his time as a professional athlete, Carlo was fortunate enough to work alongside many great organisations including the Victorian Institute of Sport and the national suicide prevention charity Life's a Ball.

Carlo was also a sought after public speaker and motivator drawing on his experiences as an Olympian. He regularly conducted sessions at Melbourne secondary schools teaching students life-skills and self defence.

After the Athens Olympics, Carlo made the decision to retire from competitive sport and focus on fulfilling his dream of opening up his own taekwondo centre. Today Team Carlo Taekwondo is one of the fastest growing schools in Australia.

Awards & Certifications

2004 Quarter finalist Athens Olympic Games | 2004-08-09

Silver Medal Olympic Qualifications -68 division | 2000-04-03

2003 World Championships quarterfinalist | 2003-08-09

Croatia Open gold medallist | 2003-05-09

Dutch Open silver medallist | 2003-03-03

2002 World Cup silver medallist (Australia's first) | 2003-08-09

Asian Championship bronze medallist | 2002-05-09

Gold at first Australian Olympic trials | 2002-02-02

Trophy winner for the highest scoring final at Olympic trials | 2002-04-03

2001 Gold Asian Championship selections | 2001-08-09

Quarter finalist World Championships - Korea | 2002-05-04

Gold World Championship selection | 2002-04-03

2000 5th place Sydney 2000 Olympics | 2000-05-03

1999 National champion | 1999-05-04

1998 US Open gold medallist | 1998-09-20

French Team Competition gold medallist | 1998-03-02

Spanish Open gold medallist | 1998-05-04

Australian National Champion | 1998-04-03

5th place at World Cup | 1998-09-03

Australian Invitational bronze medallist | 1998-09-09

1997 Dutch Open gold medallist | 1997-04-09

Commonwealth champion | 1997-08-09

1996 National champion | 1996-08-09

German Trophy gold medallist | 1996-06-09

Japan Open bronze medallist | 1996-06-09

Scandinavian Open bronze medallist | 1995-08-09

World Championships team member | 1995-06-09

Olympic Athlete Program Scholarship recipient | 1995-02-09

Australian Elite Training Squad - Korea | 1995-02-09

1994 National champion | 1994-05-09

KBS International Championships bronze medallist | 1994-06-09

1993 Australian Championships silver medallist | 1993-09-12

1992 Australian champion | 1992-05-19

Work Experience

Team Carlo Taekwondo Schools | CEO

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Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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