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Originally from Hong Kong, Sifu (“Sifu” is the Chinese word for Master) Cheuk Fai Chan established the Australian arm of Jin Wu Koon 33 years ago and has trained students here ever since. Widely respected throughout Australian and overseas martial arts circles, Sifu Cheuk Fai Chan has trained several World Champions, boasts a large collection of his own trophies and belts and is the Grand-Master of Jin Wu Koon.

Trained in several forms of martial arts from Kung Fu through to Karate and kickboxing, Sifu Cheuk Fai Chan is well equipped to train and nurture students through all aspects. Hand to hand combat and weapons such as Double Butterfly Swords, Spear and Pole are all within Sifu Cheuk Fai Chan’s styles.
Sifu Cheuk Fai Chan holds the Red sash in Kung Fu, 9th Dan Black Belt in Go Shin Ryu Karate, held the Malaysian Karate championship and trained Adam Watt, to become 4 times World Champion Kickboxer.

Sifu Cheuk Fai Chan has appeared in several movies and commercials over the past 31 years and is constantly invited to take part in demonstrations and seminars world wide. Training since the age of 5, Sifu Cheuk Fai Chan continues to learn and grow in his art. He regularly travels overseas to seminars and training academies where he is continually asked to show his skills and
pass them onto others.

Awards & Certifications

9th Dan Black Belt Goshin Ryu Karate | 2009-08-09

Sifu - Grand Master - Jin Wu Koon Kung Fu | 1986-08-02

Work Experience

Jin Wu Koon Chief Instructor | Director

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Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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