Shayne Findlay

Shayne Findlay

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Specialization/s: Martial arts coach, Karate, Self Defence ,

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Sensei Shayne Findlay is the Chief Instructor for Senshido Martial Arts. He is highly qualified as an experienced Black Belt across multiple styles of martial arts and has trained extensively in Senshido, Karate, Kenpo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Aikido, Kobujutsu and Kendo.

Sensei Shayne currently holds the below Black Belt certifications:

- 2nd Dan Black Belt - Senshido

- 2nd Dan Black Belt - Zendokai Karate

- 1st Dan Black Belt - Freestyle Martial Arts.

Sensei Shayne has 26+ years of martial arts industry experience, and is the Founder and Group CEO of Senshido Australia Group which is the parent organisation for three of his companies; Senshido Martial Arts, SenshiTac Combatives (Senshido Tactical), and Senshido Training & Consulting.

In 1996, at the age of nine (9) years old, Sensei Shayne began his martial arts journey under the direct instruction of Renshi Glenn Rushton before Shihan David Reid undertook him as his Uchideshi at the age of ten (10) years old. In 2004, after eight (8) years of training, having now completed his 1st Dan Black Belt, and with a desire to expand “The Way” in which he had been taught, Sensei Shayne launched his first Dojo in July 2004 based on the Gold Coast.

Findlay's professional profile includes extensive security and personal protection experience, delivering training and consultation services on an international level to a number of security organisations and registered training organisations both as an instructor and educator and as a security operator. Findlay specialises in security & risk management and the continuation of studies in martial arts across a diverse range of styles, strategies and methodologies. Findlay is highly regarded as an industry expert in Security with 19+ years’ security service in Australia and Internationally. Findlay has an eclectic wealth of experience in the industry and has worked major events, security & risk management consulting, armed protection, investigations, surveillance, crowd control and close personal protection (bodyguard) for a variety of high profile celebrities and clientele.

In addition to his security and martial arts experience, Findlay is an experienced Security Instructor and, Firearms & Defensive Tactics Instructor. He was directly contracted by GOLDOC in 2018 as one of only a small group of eight industry experts within Australia, tasked with training all guards, supervisors and managers of the security specific requirements and procedures for the Commonwealth Games here in Australia.

Findlay facilitates a range of seminars/ workshops covering topics such as; Specialist Tactical Security, Close Quarter Combatives, Edged Weapons, Firearms & Defensive Tactics, and Self-defence/Self-protection and the difference between the two. He teaches martial arts and security risk management seminars to beginners, intermediate, advanced, and instructor levels, and is widely considered as one of the industry's best in teaching Tactical Combatives with real world application, execution, and strategy that is relevant in today's society.

Complimenting his in-depth experience within the security and martial arts industries, Findlay is an internationally certified personal trainer and fitness trainer with FISAF International (The Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness), and Fitness Australia.

Sensei Shayne is surrounded by a highly skilled, experienced team of Instructors and is incredibly passionate in leading his team as the Chief Instructor for Senshido Martial Arts. His goal, and that of his Instructor panel, is to provide highly advanced, quality martial arts instruction in an environment that is fun and safe. They seek to continuously develop and foster a culture of friendship, respect, and discipline that lays the foundation for and enhances the development of positive life skills in all Senshido students.

Awards & Certifications

2nd Dan Black Belt - Senshido Martial Arts | 2005

2nd Dan Black Belt - Zendokai Karate | 2005

1st Dan Black Belt - Scorpion Integrated Martial Arts | 2004

Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) | 2016

Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership | 2016

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management | 2016

Advanced Diploma of Program Management | 2017

Advanced Diploma of Integrated Risk Management | 2017

Diploma of Security and Risk Management | 2016

Diploma of Training Design and Development | 2013

Diploma of Vocational Education and Training | 2013

Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety | 2012

Diploma of Business | 2012

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment | 2011

Certificate IV in New Small Business | 2016

Certificate IV in Business Administration | 2012

Certificate IV in Business Development | 2007

Certificate IV in Fitness | 2007

Certificate III in Fitness | 2007

Certificate III in Investigative Services | 2018

Certificate III in Security Operations | 2015

Certificate II in Security Operations | 2008

Class 1 Security Licence - (Bodyguard, Crowd Controller, Private Investigator, Security Officer Unarmed, Security Officer Cash in Transit, Security Officer Monitoring) | 2008

Class 2 Security Licence - (Security Advisor, Security Equipment Installer) | 2011

Security Weapons Licence (GUARD) | 2017

Firearms Licence (INSTRUCTOR) | 2020

Control Persons Using Baton | 2017

Control Persons Using Handcuffs | 2017

Martial Arts Australia - Certified Coach | 2004

Rock and Water - Certified Trainer | 2019

Advanced First Aid & CPR | 2021

Provide First Aid, CPR & Basic Emergency Life Support | 2008

Positive Notice Blue Card (Working with Children Check) | 2004

OH&S Construction White Card | 2010

FISAF International - Certified Personal Trainer | 2007

Fitness Australia - Certified Personal Trainer | 2007

Work Experience

Senshido Martial Arts | Chief Instructor

SenshiTac Combatives | Master Instructor

Senshido Training & Consulting | CEO

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Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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