Bruce Haynes

Bruce Haynes

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Bruce Haynes is an 8th Dan in Karate.

Hanshi Haynes is currently the 35 times Undisputed World Tamashiwari Champion and twice veterans Kumite Fighting Champion. He leads an organisation that has boasted many dojo’s across the globe including Australia, USA, South Africa, Russia and New Zealand.

Presenting as the strong and fearsome leader, Hanshi Haynes is actually better known by those who know him personally as a warm and caring instructor who has changed the lives of many thousands of students for the better.

Hanshi Haynes started in martial arts at seven years of age with jujitsu, under Shihan Mathew Komp 8th Dan, and reached the rank of Black Belt at the age of seventeen. He then went to Kyokushin Kai under Shihan Eddie Emin and started again from white belt and stayed there until reaching 5th Dan when he went to Japan to train under Kancho T.Azuma. Sensei Azuma broke away from Kyokushin Kai in 1990 and out of loyalty Shihan Haynes chose to stay with him as a 6th Dan and in 1994 was promoted to 7th Dan.

Awards & Certifications

World Tameshiwari Champion | 1985-08-19

Eight Times I.S.K.A. International Sports Karate Association World Champion | 2005-08-09

U.S.K.A. United States Karate Association World Champion | 1993-08-09

Double I.G.K. International Goju Japan World Champion | 1998-08-09

I.S.K.A. American Open World Champion | 1990-06-09

Guild Of Australian Black Belts Australian Champion | 1996-03-09

International Kyokushin Karate Do Japan World Champion | 1988-08-06

Ashihara Kaikan International Japan World Champion | 1995-03-09

I.S.K.A. International Sports Karate Nth American World Champion | 1988-07-09

Inducted into the Guinness World Book of Records Hall of Fame | 1998-07-08

Work Experience

Kenshinkan Karate | Director

Daido Juku | Branch Chief

Seido Karate | Branch Chief

Kyokushinkaikan | Coach

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Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

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Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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