Jen Marsham

Jen Marsham

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Specialization/s: Martial arts coach,

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Jen Marsham is a 3rd Dan in Karate.
Sensei Jen owns and operates the Total Martial Arts Academy in Drysdale in Victoria and offers a broad range of classes for people of all ages. Sensei Jen previously taught martial arts classes in the UK at Total Martial Arts Academy UK and set up the academy in Australia in 2011. Jen has a very successful martial arts background and can boast National and World championship titles. Jen has black belts in several styles including taekwondo and karate and keysi fighting method. Jen has developed our kids program syllabus to bring modern, high energy, and practical mixed martial arts classes to the local community. Jen and her team also offer muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj) classes for adults.
Sensei Jen Marsham is passionate about martial arts. She believes that being a black belt should reflect in everything you do in life. Jen explains that began martial arts at age 5, and her continuance in the various arts has given her the dream vocation that she enjoys, Jen also believes that its her job to help others to realise their dreams also and has faith that anything can be achieved through the activities associated with a well-balanced martial arts program.

Jen enjoys competitive sports karate and is on the board of directors for the National Sports Karate Association.

Awards & Certifications

3rd Dan Black belt in Karate | 2011-08-09

Work Experience

Total Martial Arts Academy | School Owner

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Clifton springs, Victoria, Australia Australia

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Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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