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Richard Ivory

MMA Coach
Golden, Victoria


Head BJJ and MMA coach at Bendigo mixed martial arts academy.


Richard Ivory was recommended by 1 real people, verified by Coach Check:

"Richie Ivory has built a strong reputation of being a highly effective BJJ and MMA practitioner, but it's his 100% commitment to the success of his students that truly defines Richie as a man and as a coach. Richie has proven his ability in the pro MMA and BJJ circuits by winning multiple titles, his students both young and old have also gone on to achieve competition success, both here in Australia and on the International circuit. If you are seeking a coach that has the physical experience and the theoretical knowledge to take you to the ultimate level in martial arts then I can highly recommend Richie Ivory!"
Barry Johnston (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Sep 2017)

Awards & Certifications

Diploma in sports coaching | 2013-01-06


Sports coach | Australian college of sports development

Work Experience

Head BJJ and MMA coach | Fit Republic gym