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Charlotte Johnston

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Abergowrie, QLD


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Charlotte Johnston was recommended by 2 real people, verified by Coach Check:

Tamara Thompson (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)
"Charlotte Johnston is a professional and popular martial arts and fitness coach. OK yes she is also my daughter, but lets forget that for a moment when I explain that Charlotte was responsible for the development and success of the martial arts and cage fitness program at FIT Republic in Bendigo. Thanks to Charlotte's commitment to her young Karate students, many were able to go on and achieve black belt and championship levels in Karate. As a fitness trainer, it was Charlotte who introduced the concept of Cage Fitness to Australia. Her enthusiasm and professionalism in Cage Fitness classes set the standard in this country and international, her success in helping others achieve their fitness goals established er reputation as a fitness trainer at the highest level possible. I highly recommend Charlotte Johnston as a Karate instructor, Group Fitness instructor, Cage Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer."
Barry Johnston (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)

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