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Natahsha Broersen

Karate Coach
Golden Square, Victoria


Martial Arts training has changed my life! Having overcome adversity in the past I made a decision to follow a different career path and change my life by trying something completely new in my late twenties. This passion has now grown and fills all facets of my life: Body, Mind and Soul. In turn this discovery has created my new drive and ambition to empower others affected by adversity to find resilience within themselves, and unlock their true potential in life through the therapeutic use of Martial Arts training. My great passion for Martial Arts and teaching has lead me to my career at Fit Republic as a karate coach for all ages starting from the ages of 3 through to adult, and Program Director for the Children's karate programs. Being able to combine my two greatest of passions makes for one very happy coach. My role now as a Martial Arts instructor is to facilitate and encourage student education within the practice and ideals of Te-Shin-Kai-Karate-Do, whilst continuing my own life long learning passion into all areas of Martial Arts at an elite standard.


Natahsha Broersen was recommended by 2 real people, verified by Coach Check:

"Natahsha Broersen is a proficient and talented all round martial artist, who is popular with students and clients from all age groups. Many members express how happy they are that Natahsha is teaching their children. When you possess a gentle and humble personality and demeanor its easy to see why children and clients feel comfortable, but it is the raw talent and ability as a high performance martial artist that have clients showing their admiration and respect. Natahsha is able to take clients both young and older to levels they never thought possible. If you are looking for a coach to help you achieve your best in both fitness and martial arts then I highly recommend Natahsha."
Barry Johnston (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)
"Natahsha's passion for Karate and Martial Arts shines through in her Instructing and classes. She is cofident and helpful. Her true talents come through with the children's classes where it is evident she clearly enjoys and loves helping the children to become the best they can be. She is also a motivating fitness instructor who understands what is required to help others achieve their goals regardless of fitness levels, age etc."
Melinda Schultz (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)

Awards & Certifications

Cage Fitness Instructor Certification | 2015-12-11
1st Dan Te Shin Kai Karate-Do Certificate | 1970-01-01
Dual Diploma in Sports Development & Management | 1970-01-01


Dual Diploma in Sports Development & Management (Specializing in Martial Arts) | Asia Pacific Training Institute
Bachelor Degree in Psychological Science | La Trobe University

Work Experience

Martial Arts Instructor | Fit Republic