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Melinda Schultz

Boxing Coach
Bendigo, Victoria


My fitness journey stated about 8 years ago when I was so obese that I needed to take action to ensure I was around to see my son grow up. I found my passion in the martial arts (Muay Thai, kickboxing and Boxing) this soon became my addiction to the point where I set foot in the ring to compete. I continue to enjoy the martial arts and have also expanded into body building to extend my knowledge and to help give back to the industry that has given me so much. I know how hard it is for people to take that first step to improve their lives and as a result I endeavour to help others achieve their goals.


Melinda Schultz was recommended by 1 real people, verified by Coach Check:

"Melinda Schultz (Mel) is a dedicated fitness trainer and kickboxer. Mel believes in practicing what she preaches so at the age of 40, she decide to put on the gloves and compete in her first ever kickboxing event. Mel went on to win that event and proved to herself that anything was possible if you only dedicated yourself, mind body, spirit. Is it any wonder that Mel is a highly respected kickboxing and fitness trainer among her peers. As a fitness trainer and kickboxing /boxing coach, Mel understands people! Her ability to understand what what her clients need in achieving success is what makes her well endeared by all those who know her. If you are looking for a coach to guide you to your dream goals then I can highly recommend Mel. After all she knows what is like to go from unfit to champion level and i'm confident that she can help you too!"
Barry Johnston (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)

Awards & Certifications

Diploma of sports development | 1970-01-01
Certified Cage Fitness Instructor | 2015-12-04
Brown Singlet Muay Thai | 2016-02-12


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Work Experience

This coach has no work experience.