Barry Johnston
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Barry Johnston

Karate Coach
Golden Square, Victoria


I first began training in Kyokushinkaikan Karate at the age of 13 in 1971. I gained my black belt in 1979 and competed in the Kyokushinkaikan International Kurjurnas Brawijaya Cup held in Indonesia. Upon my return from overseas I established my own school and began my full time martial arts teaching career. I have taught many thousands of students in the Bendigo and Central Victoria region and for 5 years I owned a dojo on the Gold Coast. I have trained over 120 black belts in this time. Training Karate is a very rewarding vocation and I will continue to teach well into the future.


Barry Johnston was recommended by 5 real people, verified by Coach Check:

"I have been working with Barry for the past three years, He has given me the opportunity, knowledge & self belief to work inside an industry which i have such passion for! Working for Barry has given me a chance to combine my strength & conditioning knowledge with my many years of soccer education to be able create my own path way in the industry. Could not of done this with out Barry Johnston's guidance thank you for helping myself and many other people gain the tools to succeed in the fitness industry."
matthew breeze (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)
Peter Tyack (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)
"Under the guidance and instruction of Barry Johnston (6th Dan Senior Instructor) I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities as a martial artist student, that I would not have received through other Instructors. Being a non political accomplished Martial Artist himself, he has supported my growth in National Competition of not only our own style and I have gone on to prove his teaching to be of a high quality by winning or placing in nearly every Tournament that I have competed in. Through the years of training as Shihan Barry's student he has guided and encouraged me to develop my teaching abilities as well as my own skills and given me the opportunity to become a Nationally recognized teacher or martial arts. I highly recommend Shihan Barry Johnston to anyone who is interested in Martial Arts, either for themselves or others in their family."
Tamara Thompson (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)
"I have personally known Sensei Barry Johnston for over 45 years. I wish to state that I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Sensei Barry as an exemplary Martial Artist and pioneer of the arts here in Australia. His desire to impart the best and most up to date knowledge to his students when it comes to the arts, is as result of his passion and commitment to guiding his many students to not just being great Martial Artists, but to also be exemplary citizens in society in the way they behave and interact with family and those they work and come into contact with throughout their lives. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Barry and his academy to any potential student, young or old, who desired to start a journey in the Arts because I know that it would be done with absolute integrity in a safe, professional and family friendly environment."
Richard Norton (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)
"I still remember my first meeting with Shihan Barry Johnston, I came in to try martial arts with an interest in self defence and the philosophy surrounding karate. Shihan's welcoming presence and extensive knowledge into the true philosophies and teachings of karate drew me into the world of martial arts and I have never looked back. Shihan has given me the opportunity to explore my greatest passion and pass on his teachings to children and adults alike. Shihan Barry Johnston has a very special and unique way of teaching his students. He can get his students to focus within themselves, each on a personal journey of self awareness so that they can find the true essence of life within the frameworks of Te Shin Kai Karate. This unique teaching gives rise to a greater understanding of the unlimited potential and possibilities that can be reached with the daily practice of this powerful martial art. The flow on affect is that it can positively change lives and helps build a safer community for everyone. With great admiration I would highly recommend Shihan Barry Johnston as a coach and mentor."
Natahsha Broersen (Verified mobile phone number and email address, recommended in Aug 2017)

Awards & Certifications

7th Dan Black belt | 2018-12-10
6th Dan Black Belt - World Kumite Organisation | 2008-10-01


SIS50610 Diploma of Sports Development | Australian College of Sports Development
SIS40410 Certificate IV in Sport and Recreation | Australian College of Sports Development
SIS50510 Diploma of Sport Coaching | Australian College of Sports Development
SIS40210 Certificate IV in Fitness | Australian College of Sports Development
TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment | Australian Security Academy

Work Experience

Chief Instructor | Bendigo Mixed Martial Arts
Director | Australian College of Sports Development
Director | International College of Kenshusei
Manager | FIT Republic