Raju Mathew

Raju Mathew

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Ragu mathew is a 5th Dan in Teshinkai Karate Born 15/04/1975 Shihan Raju Mathew is a 5th Dan in karate and is Branch Chief for India within the International Sabaki karate-do TESHINKAI. Shihan Raju's role within Teshinkai Karate is to bring inspiration, motivation and health through martial arts training to everyone, regarless of gender, race, religion or socio economic background. Recognised widely as a fine martial arts practitioner, Shihan Raju has the skills to bring out the best in all of his students and his track record of quality training within the Kerala distict speaks for itself. Many happy students have gone on to become champions in their own right and all attest to the hard work and commitment that Shihan Raju has provided to ensure that he always has the best interest of his students at heart. Shihan Raju is an advocate for the development of children through martial arts and consequentially he has dedicated much of his time providing martial arts based education programs in schools across his region, benefitting the lives of many thousands of students. Shihan Raju Matthew understands the importance of structure and goal setting for every individual. He believes that creating a happy and healthy life begins with the unity of mind, body and spirit (in Japanese this is known as "Kokoro") The philosophy of Shihan Raju teaches students strong, compassionate and gratful for all in life. Shihan Mathew is a martial arts leader who is ready to share the benefits of Karate to all!

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