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Karate Classes In Canberra

Looking For Best Karate Classes In Canberra ?Our wildly popular Mini Samurai programme is an excellent karate training introduction for kids ages 3-5. It uses physical activity, games, and challenges to promote attention, confidence, and respect in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Our goal in this programme is to encourage group activities that will help shy kids come out of their shells while also gradually introducing structure and rules that will help them behave and pay attention in the more advanced Tough Tigers programme.

Juniors Karate Classes In Canberra

Our structured karate courses for kids ages 6 and up help your child grow emotionally and physically as we work through different themes each week to support them both in class and outside of it in their daily lives. Our age- and level-specific classes give your child the help they require at the appropriate moments.

Karate Classes For Adults In Canberra

The full-body workout, fitness, and self-defense are all included in the teen and adult programme for those who are 14 years of age and older. Through organised karate training, you can develop your strength and stamina while learning how to protect yourself. We also have a fantastic network of like-minded individuals who are all working to grow better! The older teens training with our adults serve as excellent role models for the younger kids.

Squad Tournament

We have a Tournament Squad  for Juniors & Adults to prepare expressly for the numerous tournament circuits both locally & nationally for those who appreciate the thrill of competition. Our "Squadies" have a chance and a road that can take them to representation at the state and national levels.

Leadership Programme

Through both theory and hands-on practice, our leadership programme gives students a great opportunity to develop their leadership skills while also aiding and instructing other students. Since the programme started in early 2017, we have already developed some incredible young instructors who have helped people come out of their shells and find a voice they can be proud of. Our leadership participants serve as excellent role models and club ambassadors because they exemplify the very traits and skills we want all of our students to strive for.

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."