Coach Check registered Professional Development Points (PDP) providers deliver high quality, up-to-date content to help Coaches expand their knowledge and skills.

Coach Check approved programs and events have been through a structured quality assessment process to provide Professional Development Points (PDPs) to professionals in the martial arts, sport and fitness industries.

To achieve Coach Check Approval, your education content must meet current industry standards and align with and support the Coach Check Member Protection Policy.

Exclusive benefits for providers

All Coach Check PDP Providers will be listed in the PDP Directory, which is accessed by Coaches Nationally and Internationally every day.

Receive exclusive Coach Check PDP branding to help promote your program

Your Courses are listed as meeting national standards

Have your program accredited!

Download the Coach Check Program Accreditation Guidelines to be sure you understand the full process!

The PDP Approval and Assessment Guide includes information about:

  • How PDPs are allocated
  • The assessment process and criteria for PDP Approval
  • How to apply for PDP Approval
  • How to renew your PDP Approval

We know that the success of your PDP program or event depends on your capacity to reach the ten of thousand’s coaches nationally and internationally

We have a range of national and international communication channels you can use.

Keep in mind you'll need to follow our PDP Provider Branding & Advertising Guidelines when promoting your PDP program, webinar, workshop or event.

Find out more about how to advertise with us

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."