Find Expert Coaches You Can Trust

Whatever your reason for using Coach Check, we have you covered.

Whether as a parent you want to validate the credentials or your child’s coach or as a client you want some reassurance with who is training you, Coach Check is here for you! If you are a personal trainer, martial arts or sports coach and want to promote your professional services to your clients and the public, Coach Check can help.

Coach Check is an independent, non-political organisation established to provide impartial screening of individuals wanting to work in the martial arts and sport and recreation industries as a coach or trainer.

At Coach Check we believe that every participant of any coach led activity has a right to receive competent, up to date training methodologies in a safe training environment, free from harassment, discrimination and mental, physical or sexual abuse.

Coach Check is the first organisation to establish a set of minimum coaching standards that are effective across international borders. We intend to provide advocacy of Coach Check to governments, councils, school districts, facility operators, insurance companies, community leaders, parents and the general public.

Does Your Coach Have The Right Credentials?

The objective of Coach Check is to:

  • • Provide an impartial process for industry bodies, organisations, facility providers and clubs to vet employees, contractors, lessees and volunteers, favouring a risk free training environment for members and participants.
  • • Ensure competent, safe training in a risk free environment for all participants.
  • • Allow prospective students, parents and the general public find professional coaches that they can trust.
  • • Provide a medium for students, parents and the general public to encourage current coaches to become verified.
  • • Provide opportunity for verified coaches to promote themselves and their services in detail to the general public via social media.
  • • Allow verified coaches to gain a professional and commercial advantage over opposition.
  • • Protect the martial arts and sport and recreation industries by ensuring individuals not deemed “fit and proper” or potentially a danger to the community are excluded from entering the industry as a coach.
  • • Provide a catchment service, process and confidential advice relating to complaints about a coach.