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About Coach Check!

The adage of: - “what makes someone qualified” has been a contentious issue for generations. One interesting definition is “someone is qualified when they are deemed to have achieved an above average level of proficiency in the Hard Skills and the Soft Skills of their discipline.” To achieve above average proficiency in a sport, fitness concept or martial art in which that individual can teach another is what we may be referred to as the Hard Skills. To understand your legal and ethical obligations when coaching others, including health and safety of members, risk mitigation, first aid, program planning, child safety and codes of conduct would certainly go a long way to demonstrate competence in the Soft Skills. So, I am sure you would agree that to deem an individual “Qualified” to coach others, it is important to understand the hard and soft skills of your martial art, sport, or fitness discipline.

Coach Check have developed what it believes the best system ever created for “Coach” validation and coach promotion! The Coach Check team have been directly involved in the process of validating coach credentials for over twenty years. In fact, lead assessor Barry Johnston co-authored the world’s first government recognised units of competence for the martial arts industry (twelve in all) that made up a series of industry qualifications that were delivered for over 15 years under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Coach Check is a division of Community Safe initiatives LTD, a non-profit organization established to provided not just a safer community under the sport umbrella, but to develop programs that will help to address particular issues including but not limited to offending behaviour and recidivism by young people.

The board of directors are made up of experts of sporting codes as well as concerned parents and community members who have identified the need for a system that can improve future opportunities for our youth. In this model it is more important than ever before to create an airtight delivery system, which of course must begin and end with Coach Check!

We need Coaches, so we have designed a system that will assist ALL coaches to accomplish the requirements to be presented as a 5 Star coach. Registration is FREE, so there are no excuses! As we enter a “Brave New World” of POST Covid 19 we will understand like never the importance of being united in a world and culture of integrity, support, and mutual respect!

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."