What are PDP’s and where can I find them?

As an verified sports or martial arts Coach, you're committed to industry standards and ongoing professional development.

The Coach Check “PDP” program is an exciting program that makes upskilling or professional development easier than ever before. Make your study and extra training count towards your points. PDP’s help advance your career by improving your existing skills or developing new ones. Your ongoing professional development involves completing 20 (PDP’s) every two years, to demonstrate “currency” as a professional and maintain your registration.

PDP’s are the units used to measure continuing education. PDPs are allocated according to the quality and duration of an education program or event. Those that include an assessment of knowledge and skill gained will have higher PDPs than the one without.

Coach Check approves PDP programs and events offered by industry professionals, educational institutions, and professional organisations.

How to find PDP programs and events

PDPs can be gained through programs and events, workshops and seminars, conferences and conventions, higher education, self-directed learning, in-house training, and other activities. You can choose from the programs and events listed in the PDP Directory.

Refer to the Coach Check - Guidelines for the following eligible education activities!

Successful completion of any “Recognised” Industry Qualification. 12 PDP’s
Attendance to multi-day trade show or event. 10 PDP’s
Higher education, exercise science or related subject. 8 PDP’s
Online Course. 7 PDP’s
Full day workshop with assessment 7 PDP’s
Successful Completion of an approved First Aid course 5 PDP’s
Half day workshop with assessment 3 PDP’s
Completion of an approved CPR course 2 PDP’s

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