Program Accreditation Guidelines

Coach Check is committed to developing and maintaining the quality of our registered coaches through a variety of programs and opportunities. One of the most important of these is ensuring our coaches have access to a wide range of professional development opportunities through accredited educational programs.

By supporting professional development, we provide our coaches with the opportunity to increase their knowledge, but also their capacity to deliver a range of quality health and fitness opportunities for their clients. In addition, the increased knowledge gained through professional development will assist coaches cope with the challenges of running small businesses in a competitive and ever-changing environment. We want our coaches to remain strong in the industry for a long time!

Why “Accredit” programs?

Coach Check Accredited Courses provide professional development opportunities for our coaches in a wide variety of topic areas. Our education and training providers are diverse and cover and provide broad range of topics. It is important that all courses meet a minimum standard before they are “accredited” by Coach Check to ensure quality outcomes for the coach.

Accrediting courses is an assessment process that evaluates a training and education experience based on several criteria. Courses are accredited based on its relevance to developing skills essential for the cohort being trained as well as ensuring that the program meets current industry standards and guidelines.

Coach Check will add the “accredited” program to the PDP section of the Coach Check website! Should the program require additional changes or additions before it is accredited, Coach Check will provide the necessary help to guide you in publishing your submission.

What can be accredited?

A program that can be considered for accreditation needs to expand a registrant’s knowledge in a variety of field relevant to the coaching industry. This may include but not be limited to business and management skills, health and safety, workplace health and safety, emergency response, first aid marketing, exercise science, coaching principles, resistance training and discipline relevant training concepts.

Accredited programs may take one of several different forms. These include:

  • Individual units of study
  • Full certificate courses
  • Skill sets
  • Courses or workshops developed/delivered
  • University courses or part thereof
  • In-house training programs developed/delivered by industry enterprises
  • Conventions, forums, or conferences
  • Other forms that may be deemed appropriate from time to time

Several factors will be considered for a program’s accreditation and PDP allocation. These may include:

  • Will the program enhance the competency of the coach to deliver safe and effective programs?
  • Does the program provide new skill sets for a coach to enhance their professional scope?
  • Does the program meet accepted community standards, and expectations?
  • Is the program delivered in an appropriate and structured format and does it provide assessment?
  • What is the providers experience in delivering such a program?
  • Other factors that may be deemed appropriate from time to time.

Coach Check is conscious that the martial arts, sport and fitness industry is constantly evolving and is therefore focussed on ensuring that the process by which we assess any program, takes on a pragmatic approach, designed to encourage realistic and exciting program submissions. All programs are accredited in a timely fashion.

Why is it important to accredit programs for providers?

Coach Check strongly believes in the value of professional development for all coaches. It is necessary that programs accredited by Coach Check meet the criteria necessary to ensure level of training required for quality outcomes.

Coach Check will ensure that every program provider is given appropriate help in having their program recognised with their accredited program listed on our website! All accredited programs must display the Coach Check accreditation registration number, accredited program logo, and PDP allocation, ensuring registrants can easily identify accredited PDP programs from amongst competing products.

Accredited program providers gain access to the many Coach Check registered professionals across the globe! Our “one world” approach to training and education within the martial arts, sport and fitness industries sets a new benchmark in relation to standards and opportunities never seen.

Coach Check accredited coaches are required to continue their professional development as part of their due diligence as a professional. We encourage our accredited program providers to build an ongoing professional relationship with coaches and contribute to building a culture of continuous improvement within the industry.

PDP Program Providers are also eligible for discounted advertising rates in our exclusive Coach Check message alert feature in the coach dashboard and subsequent email alert that they receive! These alerts are sent to current registrants and members, and those expired within the last 2 years and provide a valuable advertising opportunity.

Our qualified assessors are here to help, they understand the steps required to accredit programs, they also understand that program providers may be listing their courses for the first time and so it’s all about us helping providers meet the necessary requirements and see their program thrive.

Why Professional Development Points?

If you are in any trade or profession you will be already familiar with the fact that to maintain your position within the company, you must firstly be deemed “current” with required industry changes and knowledge. The acquisition of Professional Development Points (PDP’s) is the accepted norm and most industries usually recommend the type of courses necessary to maintain “currency” within a profession. All Coach Check registered professionals are required to undertake 20 Professional Development points (PDP’s) every 2 years to maintain their level of registration.

Each Accredited Program is individually assessed and allocated a PDP value. The value attached to each point is mainly based on delivery time. The assessor can increase or decrease allocation depending on complexity of content. When applying for Program Accreditation, providers are required to decide on the number of PDPs they think their program is ‘worth’. The higher the PDP value, the more time and effort is required in the assessment process. However, in saying that, the higher the PDP level the more attractive it may be to a client.

How do you apply?

Providers applying for program accreditation must complete the initial PDP registration details, followed by email submission of relevant program materials.

  • 1. PDP Registration Details
  • 2. Program materials – This is likely to be access to online learning resources, student handouts, presentation materials, workbooks, assessment and may include items such as delivery plan, assessment materials and evaluation materials.
  • 3. Insurances – Certificate of Currency for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances

Registration is completed via the PDP Registration Details form. Other relevant supporting material is to be submitted via email or a cloud application. All material should ideally be in read only files and must be fully virus scanned before being submitted.

Assessment process

Upon receipt of an application a Coach Check assessor will review the materials and provide feedback where required. It is our job to determine grounds for allocating the professional development points requested in the provider application.

All assessments are treated with the highest level of confidentiality and you can rest assured that your intellectual property is in safe hands. We under too well the hard work that goes into developing programs and respect your rights from start to finish. Our Assessors are selected based on their skills and knowledge in relation to the topic area of the program to be assessed. They are required to sign an Assessor Agreement which includes a confidentiality clause to ensure that all program material is kept secure and confidential. Providers will have no direct contact with assessors, as their identity is not divulged.

If the Assessor requires additional information or material, they will advise Coach Check staff who will contact the program provider with the request.

Assessment and approval will normally take between 2 and 4 weeks.

When the program is approved!

The program provider will be notified by email! You will receive a Certificate which includes the accreditation registration number and point allocation. You will also receive the Coach Check Accredited Program Logo and relevant PDP allocation logo for use on their materials and website. You will also receive a “Permission to Use Copyrighted Materials” notification for the duration of the registration period!

Payment process

Registration Fee - Must be paid online at the time of application. The registration fee is non-refundable!

PDP allocation fee - This fee is payable when a determination on PDP is made. PDP allocation fee is paid annually upon reregistration!


PDP Program Registration Fee - $150


PDP Allocation Fee: -

Program Accreditation Guidelines

3 PDP $90

5 PDPs $150

7 PDPs $210

10 PDP’s $300

12 PDP’s $360

Accreditation costs for Workshops, Masterclasses, Training Camps, Conferences, or Events (multiple, per annum) are as follows:

Masterclasses or Workshops with assessment – Half Day = 3 PDP – Full Day = 7 PDP

Training Camps, Conferences, events - Two day (or more) 10 PDP

Renew PDP Registration Fee $150

Program advertising and use of logo

The Coach Check Accredited Program logo, accreditation registration number and PDP allocation logo must appear on all accredited program participant certificates. (Sample templates provided once approved)

The Coach Check Accredited Program logo, accreditation registration number and point allocation must appear anywhere the accredited program is advertised.

Accredited programs will appear on the Coach Check list of accredited courses and workshops, available on our website.

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."