<p>Absolutely, Coach Check understand that there are many competent coaches who have not undertaken formal nationally recognised training. Under these circumstances Coach Check will consider an applicant’s former experience and establish a “current competence” ruling based on the information provided in the application. The Coach Check model is based on a culture of continuous improvement and inclusivity. We help all coaches to meet community standards and contribute to a better, safer industry! </p>

No, we would be failing as a vetting organization if we were to cast any “Star Rating” judgement over a Martial Arts School, Sports Club, or Fitness Studio! However, there is no reason why the fore mentioned cannot make the claim “All staff at this facility have been independently vetted and approved with “Coach Check!”

There are two ways to hire a coach. You may search for the coach you want and contact them directly via the Coach Check message service found on the coach’s personal profile, or you may post a job or vacancy via our “Jobs on Offer” feature!

Click on the “I’m a Coach” button on the home page and the rest is self-explained!

Coach Check are the first organization to establish a Star Rating system for coaches! The public are now able to identify the right coaches for their needs immediately!A Coach’s profile will go “live” and be considered 3 Star, when they submit the sufficient evidence of work experience and or awards or certifications gained over the years. A Coach is considered 4 Star after they agree to adopt the principles of the member protection policy which focusses on coach integrity and client safety! The highest level is 5 Star, this rating is achieved when they submit a current background check that permits them to work with children or vulnerable people!

If a coach wants to stand out from the pack and gain more clients, then it is an imperative that you get approved today! As sport and physical recreation continues to grow, so does the need for coaches and physical activity instructors. Coach Check will showcase all coaches who are meet the standards to be considered trusted and respected!

Coach Check is funded through sponsorship from advertisers, philanthropic organisations and other parties who share our goal of creating a safer and more professional physical recreation industry.

Registration is FREE!

Coach Check is the best way to verify new employees! Our process is confidential and impartial. You decide which Star rating level is required to be employed by your organisation, their job starts when Coach Check assign the required Star Rating!

“Coach Check” provides coaches with the opportunity to:1. Promote your professional status to local councils, authorities, school districts, businesses and the general public.2. Promote your status to local media houses for positive exposure3. Be exposed to more work opportunities4. Network with other coaches, developing a culture of continuous improvement5. Display your professional profile on social media6. Stand out as a leader in your community7. Use the “Coach Check” logo on your website, marketing material and uniforms attracting and retaining conscientious members8. Become a spokesperson in your area on the importance of coach validation

If you are a parent wanting to find a coach for your child, you should be looking for a coach with a 5 Star rating! This will ensure that the coach has been background checked and follows recommended industry standards!

If you done see you current Coach, let them know about us so we can help to promote them and build their business!

Absolutely, firstly Coach Check is entirely FREE! We are impartial in our vetting processes; provide the tools you need to stand independent and we promote you alongside other likeminded professionals “outside” of your current circle. Coach Check is also international, you will be noticed by people all around the world!

Coach Check is a coach validation organisation! We assist martial arts, sports, and fitness coaches to meet and maintain industry and community standards. We provide the tools by which a coach may establish and maintain their own set of policies as well as provide education programs to assist in maintaining professional integrity and upskilling in new areas to assist in broadening the coaches scope and work opportunities. We promote coaches to prospective clients!

Coach Check is the only organization that can check and maintain every level of the coach’s professional status! We believe in safety first, in all areas of the physical recreation industry!

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."