How it Works

Coach Check promote trusted martial arts, sports, and fitness coaches to the public. Our exclusive “Star” rating system allows a prospective client to identify immediately, the status of any coach that they may be interested in hiring.

At Coach Check, we encourage and provide support to coaches in reaching the highest rating possible for their specialization. Coach Check is the first organisation ever to take on a fully wholistic approach to helping coaches validate their credentials and directly assist in promoting coaches to the public and prospective clients.

Our exclusive “Star” rating system will immediately identify a coach’s status!

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Work experience

Your prospective clients want to know more about you! This is when a coach can present their skills and experience to the public. You can also list any qualifications or awards that you have received over the years. A coach is granted 3 Star status upon completion of this task!

Member Protection Policy (MPP)

The Member Protection Policy is a range of policies designed to maintain the safety of participants and the compliance of martial arts, sports and fitness coaches as individuals and as business owners. Member protection is paramount in all areas of health and fitness industry. Coach Check intend to create a safer and stronger health and fitness industry by supporting coaches in the establishment, and development of their businesses. Coach is granted 4 Star status on adoption and acceptance of the MPP!

Working with Children / Vulnerable People Check

Any coach that works with children or vulnerable people, must first apply for an appropriate check required by their State, Territory or Jurisdiction. The check is usually a working with children (WWC) Check or Working with Vulnerable People check but may vary according to the Coaches locality. In cases where no such check is required, a National Police Check will be required. Coach is granted 5 Star status upon successful upload to their Coach Check dashboard!


We have developed a unique method for coaches to capture “valid” and “authentic” testimonials from happy clients. The client providing the recommendation must firstly undertake a two-step verification process before being able to access the feature, thus validating the recommendation as “valid and reliable.” The coach will receive an email letting them know that they have a “New recommendation awaiting their approval!” It is the decision of the Coach to allow the recommendation to go “live” or be “rejected!”


We help you to attract clients! A client can find you via entering the relevant search criteria or by searching your name. Gain increased exposure through the media, councils, school districts, peers, employers, and the community.


If you are looking for a coach, then Coach Check is the best database available. Our numbers are growing daily so keep watching for newly approved coaches. If you do not see your “current” coach listed on this site, then let them know about Coach Check. Registration is FREE and we can help them build their business!


Why not add an extra layer of security when hiring staff for your organization! Make Coach Check a part of your client induction process. Integrity as a business is now more important than ever before, your business can enjoy the recognition it deserves when announcing that all your staff are “Coach Check” approved. Risk mitigation is not only your responsibility, it is an imperative!


Public halls and spaces are just that, they are owned by the councils who represent the community. All councils need to ensure that before hiring space to individuals for sport and recreation activities, you must undertake impartial vetting of any hirer! Coach Check can be a great starting point!


Security in schools is at an all-time high, and rightly so!

Coach Check helps you to add another layer to your security by providing an initial status check followed by your own required paperwork if you deem it necessary! Sports coaches, fitness instructors or martial arts coaches should all undergo the best security screening available!

Our coaches undergo impartial vetting where background check, industry experience and adequate professional development is undertaken. All our coaches abide by a Member Protection Policy that details clear guidelines including a code of conduct.


Our team of trained assessors have many years of experience working in the field. The role of the assessor is to consolidate a coach’s experience and training with the view of providing support to achieve the highest level of recognition. Our mission is to provide support for coaches so that together we can cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect within the industry!

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."