Member Protection Policy – Does Your Organization Have One?

A Member Protection Policy unlike an organizations Policies and procedures focusses primarily on the protection of members and the professional standards that set you apart from others. An organizations “Policies and Procedures” focusses on the day to day running of a business, a turn-key operation plan to help staff meet minimum standards and a “how to,” on how to achieve it! The “Member Protection Policy” (MPP) is a document that outlines an organisations commitment to the safe operation of a business. Often many businesses overlook the creation of an MPP leaving the business without clear standards and more exposed to litigation. The simple task of taking time to develop one’s own MPP can save time and money in a variety of ways.


Businesses should establish the MPP and commit them to print before hiring their first employee. The MPP is defined simply as rules on how the company and its representatives intend to meet acceptable industry standards and community expectations. The MPP provides details of an individual’s legal and ethical obligations when dealing with members or members of the public. The MPP is crucial to every sport and recreation business, regardless of size.


Establishing a company’s MPP provides several benefits. The company can operate with greater consistency, both in its internal and external workings. Company morale generally increases because expectations are clear and precisely presented. An established MPP can also circumvent certain legal issues.

Member Protection Policy document

The MPP document for a business should be in accordance with your local, state, and federal laws. It should cover all scenarios relating to the sport, recreation and martial arts industry. The MPP should be used in print form and available electronically. A professional MPP articulated to the specific business operation and written using the company/business name particulars of the organisation is imperative. Do not try and hide behind association documents, (e.g. ITF, WKF, WJF etc) if it is your business and the business profits go into your account then the MPP must be written for your organisation.

The MPP manual clearly describes protocols regarding social media use, facility hygiene protocols, codes of conduct, child safety, mandatory reporting, coaches’ legal responsibilities are just some areas described in the MPP.

Employee induction

The MPP should be the first formal communication the company has with a new employee. The MPP defines standards of behaviour and outlines what will happen when those standards are not upheld. All employees whether they are full time or part time wage earners or volunteers should be provided with a copy of the organisations MPP and signed and filed.

Child Safe Standards

Child safety standards were introduced by most countries in 2017 as a result of a mandate made by the United nations Assembly in 2014. The Child Safety Act (this title may vary from country to country) is as necessary as having an adequate insurance policy in place, and failure to address this mandate is dangerous for the organisation!

A copy of an editable Member Protection Policy is available FREE of charge to all Coach Check registrants. You have permission to edit the MPP to suit your organisation. Register today!