Simon Pedelty

Simon Pedelty

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Specialization/s: Kung Fu,

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Simon Pedelty is a Sifu (4th degree black sash) in Kung Fu.
My Gradings:
Sifu Billy Peng, Li Kris Han Panther Kung Fu - Black Sash

Golden Lion Kung Fu Academy 3rd degree red sash

Liang I / Shaolin Kung Fu Guen / Staff accreditation

Sifu Anwar Spaul - Eagle Claw Kung Fu Mentor

Sifu Simon has developed and delivered behavior intervention programs for individuals living with complex disability/psycho social support needs. Sifu Simon also holds Victorian and National martial arts titles , he is a devoted community practitioner who understands the true value of martial arts and its therapeutic benefits.

As a competitor on the National All Styles circuit Simon is well respected and has a string of competition victories to his name. The "5
animal" Wushu style forms he performs are dynamic and high on the scale of complexity . Sifu Simon continues to demonstrate the flexibility and agility that can only be achieved by a healthy lifestyle and a passion for continual improvement.

As a judge and referee, Sifu Simon is sought after within the National All Styles (NAS) for his impartial and professional adjudication. As a NAS referee, Sifu Simon understands what is needed both from a competitors perspective and a referees perspective, this is what makes him valued in competition circles.

Sifu Simon Pedelty strives to understand the needs of clients and is able to use his Kung Fu/life coaching knowledge to inspire individuals and their support networks.

Awards & Certifications

Advanced Diploma Disability | 2015

Advanced Diploma Management | 2015

Certificate of Service State Government Victoria | 2019

Recognition of service DHHS State Gov Victoria | 2019

Cert IV Training @ Assessment | 2013

NDIS Quality/Safeguarding | 2020

World Martial Arts council registration | 2014

Li Kris Han Kung Fu program | 2013

WWCC Simon pedelty paid employment | Exp 8.8.22

Work Experience

Victorian State Government DHHS | Advanced Disability Support Officer

Li Kris Han Kung Fu | Coach/Instructor

Self employed | Trainer / Assessor

NAS - National All Styles Martial Arts | Judge/Official

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  • I have known Sifu Simon for well over 12 years now as an active competitor in the National All Styles Tournament circuit and have the upmost respect for his knowledge and ability . I have also had the pleasure of training with Sifu Simon and had him at my Dojo as a guest instructor and at the F.K.I.A Annual Gasshuku in 2019 as a guest instructor . Simons knowledge and ability is well respected and his capacity to explain complex movements and support a large group of non Kung Fu students to understand an perform forms was remarkable .

    Peter Conroy on Dec:2021

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Geelong, VIC, Australia Australia

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Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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