Alan Kissick

Alan Kissick

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Alan Kissick is a highly accomplished martial artist, revered instructor, and accomplished athlete. His unwavering dedication to martial arts has culminated in the prestigious rank of first dan (Shodan) Black Belt, where he serves as an esteemed instructor within the Kyokushinkaikan Allied Karate Organisation.

Alan's martial arts odyssey began in 1986 when he embarked on his training in Shudokan Goju Karate Ryu and Judo. A pivotal shift occurred in 1996 when he transitioned to Kyokushin Karate, discovering his true passion. Years of tireless training and unyielding commitment led to a crowning achievement in 2001 when Alan attained the revered Black Belt (Shoda) in Kyokushin Karate.

Not content with mastery in a single discipline, Alan expanded his martial arts repertoire to include Taekwondo, achieving the coveted black belt rank. Yet, his indomitable spirit transcended martial arts as he ventured into the realm of endurance sports. Competing in marathons and ultra marathons, Alan tested the boundaries of his endurance and resilience.

Furthermore, Alan embraced the world of strength sports, where his remarkable power and athleticism shone brightly. Active participation in powerlifting and strongman events showcased his exceptional strength and unyielding determination. These accomplishments underscore his unwavering commitment to personal growth and the pursuit of excellence.

Recognizing the value of a solid knowledge base, Alan pursued a diploma in Sports Science Fitness and Coaching. This educational journey deepened his understanding of exercise physiology, training methodologies, and coaching techniques, reinforcing his expertise in sports and fitness.

With a diverse background spanning multiple martial arts disciplines, endurance sports, strength training, and a solid foundation in sports science, Alan Kissick is a wealth of experience in his role as an instructor and mentor. Through his expertise, boundless passion, and unswerving commitment, Alan serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance to aspiring martial artists and athletes on their transformative journeys.

Awards & Certifications

first dan (Shodan) Black Belt | 2001-04-02

Work Experience

Kyokushinkaikan Allied Karate Organisation | Instructor

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Inglewood, Taranaki, NZ

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