Andre Cerutti

Andre Cerutti

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Mr. Andre Cerutti, widely known as Mestre Peixe Ensobaodo, is a distinguished Capoeira master hailing from Sydney, Australia. Andre, often addressed as Mestre Peixe (pronounced pay-shee), embarked on his martial arts odyssey in 1985 in his native Brazil, specifically in Rio de Janeiro. In 2002, Andre chose Sydney, Australia as his new home and swiftly garnered acclaim as both an exceptional instructor and a trailblazer in introducing Capoeira to the Australian martial arts landscape.

In 2005, Andre Cerutti took a significant step by forming a partnership and establishing the International College of Capoeira (ICC). His primary objective was to nurture students in the essential skills and knowledge of Capoeira through a specialized sports coaching program tailored for this captivating martial art. By 2009, following extensive consultation with industry experts and obtaining approval from Capoeira specialists, Andre successfully registered his college as an official Training Organization. This milestone enabled him to deliver a nationally recognized qualification, opening the doors to international students shortly thereafter. The college swiftly evolved into a notable success story within Australia's martial arts community.

Fueled by remarkable accomplishments and a growing interest among learners, Andre Cerutti seized the opportunity to redefine the college's mission. One notable transformation was the adoption of the new trading name 'College of Sports & Fitness' (CSF). This change was primarily driven by the evolving demands of the industry, aiming to offer an array of services, diverse career prospects, specialized qualifications, and educational pathways within the dynamic realm of Sports, Fitness, and Recreation.

Andre Cerutti, acclaimed as Mestre Peixe, continues to stand as a global luminary in the art of Capoeira. His unwavering dedication remains steadfast in advancing the practice of this art not only in Australia but also on a broader international scale.

Awards & Certifications

Capoeira master | 2005-03-01

Work Experience

International College of Capoeira (ICC) | Capoera master

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Sydney, NSW, AU

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."