Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Coaching Category: Martial Arts

Specialization(s): Martial arts coach, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Tai Chi


Chris Brown: Master of Martial Arts

Since stepping into the world of martial arts in 1993, Chris Brown has immersed himself in a journey that transcends mere physical training. Starting with Taekwondo in an after-school class, Chris found an enduring passion that has fueled his life's work.

Over the years, Chris has delved into various styles, mastering not only two forms of Taekwondo but also Hapkido, Ninjutsu, Tai Chi, Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, and brief encounters with other systems. Rather than fixating solely on techniques, Chris values the underlying principles that unify martial arts disciplines, allowing him to glean wisdom from each practice.

This holistic perspective profoundly shapes Chris's approach to teaching. Emphasizing fundamental body mechanics and efficiency, his method maximizes the impact of any technique, nurturing a deeper understanding for his students.

Beyond personal growth, Chris's martial arts journey has enriched his life immeasurably. Through rigorous training, he has forged bonds with skilled individuals worldwide, cultivated lifelong friendships, and witnessed transformative effects on health and character. His passion has evolved into a successful career, sharing the mental, philosophical, and physical facets of martial arts.

As the founder of Life Martial Arts Academy, Chris invites individuals of all levels to embark on their own martial arts odyssey. Whether it's fitness, stress relief, mental challenge, confidence building, character development, or self-defense, Chris believes martial arts hold the key to unlocking one's potential.

With a lifetime dedicated to martial arts, Chris cherishes the rewards of commitment, effort, and sacrifice. Eager to share these invaluable teachings, he looks forward to guiding and inspiring newcomers on their martial arts journey. Whether you're a novice or seeking deeper mastery, Chris Brown stands ready to illuminate the path ahead.

Awards & Certifications

4th Dan Taekwondo | 2016-02-09

3rd Dan Hapkido | 2016-08-09

Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi teaching certificate | 2019-09-20

Diploma of Fitness – Exercise Specialist | 2014-09-21

Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 1 – CHEK Institute | 2011-09-23

NLP Master Practitioner | 2011-03-20

Work Experience

Lifestyle Martial Arts Academy | Director

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North Rocks, NSW, AU

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