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Enoka Pereira

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Introducing Sensei Mali Periera: An Empowering Force in Martial Arts and Community Leadership

Step into the world of martial arts, and you'll encounter a remarkable figure who embodies dedication, leadership, and a profound commitment to positive change. Sensei Mali Periera, affectionately known as Sensei Mali, stands as a beacon of excellence, holding the esteemed rank of 3rd Dan in Karate. Her journey is one of relentless pursuit and unwavering influence, both within the realm of martial arts and beyond.

Central to Sensei Mali's identity is her active engagement within the esteemed International Sabaki Karate-do TESHINKAI community, where her impact is nothing short of transformative. As a dedicated administrator, her fingerprints are woven into the fabric of the organization's growth and evolution. Her tireless contributions have laid the foundation for the burgeoning success of full-contact karate in Sri Lanka, earning her the admiration and respect of peers and practitioners alike.

Venture into the sphere of community leadership, and you'll find Sensei Mali's indelible mark. Her role as a respected community leader extends beyond the dojo, as she leverages her influence to foster a sense of unity and inclusivity within her local government. Through her efforts, a welcoming environment has been nurtured, one that embraces practitioners from all walks of life.

In the spirit of unity and diversity, Sensei Mali, in partnership with her husband Shihan Upali and son Sensei Inupa, champions a martial arts philosophy that transcends boundaries. Her martial art club stands as a testament to her commitment to inclusivity, attracting individuals from a rich tapestry of socio-economic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and cultural heritage. Within the walls of her dojo, the boundaries of Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Tamil communities blur, giving rise to a shared journey of growth and transformation.

Sensei Mali's mentorship transcends mere physical training; it ignites a profound metamorphosis in the lives it touches. Her students, fueled by her compassionate guidance, undergo a journey of self-discovery, self-improvement, and empowerment. The respect and loyalty she commands among her disciples are a testament to her well-earned stature as a mentor and leader.

The heartbeat of Sensei Mali's mission lies in her unyielding determination to effect change through martial arts. A true champion of accessibility and opportunity, she defies societal barriers by delivering high-quality training to individuals of all ages, regardless of financial means. Sensei Mali recognizes the transformative potential of martial arts, whether one is affluent or financially constrained, young or old. Her door is always open, a source of unwavering support and mentorship, irrespective of life's circumstances.

The annals of martial arts welcome Sensei Mali Periera as a luminous figure—a teacher, a visionary, a mentor. Her story is one of an unquenchable passion for her craft and an unbreakable commitment to service. As Coach Check proudly introduces this exceptional martial arts luminary, we celebrate her role as an embodiment of resilience, leadership, and empowerment for both men and women within the realm of Karate. Sensei Mali's legacy endures, a living testament to the transformative power of martial arts, and her tireless dedication to forging a brighter, more inclusive world.

Awards & Certifications

3rd dan Black Belt Karate | 2021-01-09

Work Experience

Internationl Sabaki Karate do Teshinkai | Senior Coach

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