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ivan Zavetchanos

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Ivan Zavetchanos stands as a towering figure in the world of martial arts, revered for his remarkable achievements and contributions both in Australia and on the international stage. With an impressive 9th Dan in Judo, Ivan's legacy is deeply etched into the fabric of martial arts history.

As the Secretary General to the World Judo Federation, Ivan's influence and impact are undeniable, a testament to his unwavering dedication to the promotion of martial arts over the years. Judo, with its worldwide following of over 8 million students, has reached the pinnacle of sporting recognition, including a coveted place on the Olympic stage. However, it's crucial to remember Jigoro Kano's original vision for Judo – a lifetime art, a personal journey to train both the mind and body.

The emergence of Judo in Australia, particularly after World War II, mirrored its global popularity. This growth owes much to tireless efforts and advocacy by key figures like Sensei Ivan Zavetchanos. Beyond Judo, Hanshi Ivan Zavetchanos has played a pivotal role in introducing and promoting various martial art systems in Australia.

In the mid-1950s, Ivan trained at the renowned Kodokan in Japan under the tutelage of Kyuzo Mifune Sensei, one of Jigoro Kano's senior students. During one of his visits, he was captivated by the power demonstrations of another Judo student, Masutatsu Oyama, a 3rd Dan black belt who also ran a Karate school at the facility. This chance encounter sparked a friendship that led to Ivan bringing Masutatsu Oyama's senior student, Sensei Kato, to Australia, introducing the Kyokushinkai style.

Ivan also played a significant role in the early days of the Australian martial arts scene, facilitating the introduction and promotion of the Oh Taekwondo System and the Ashihara system. It's safe to say that Ivan Zavetchanos' martial arts DNA is ingrained in the journeys of approximately 80% of martial arts practitioners in Australia and the South Pacific today, with many high-profile martial artists commencing their martial arts odyssey under Ivan's guidance.

The profound influence that Ivan wields over the martial arts industry is unparalleled and is unlikely to ever be surpassed. Even in his mid-90s, Ivan remains actively involved, overseeing the training of Judo practitioners and participating in major events. If there ever was a living treasure of Australia, Ivan Zavetchanos unquestionably deserves such an honor.

Awards & Certifications

Kodokan Student | 1999-01-01

Work Experience

World Judo Federation, | Secretary General

Olympic Games | Athlete

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