Jasmine (Jazzy) Parr

Jasmine (Jazzy) Parr

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Jasmine Parr is a celebrated Muay Thai champion and a highly sought-after coach, making her indelible mark on the Muay Thai landscape despite her lean weight class of 50 kilograms. Her remarkable achievements in the Muay Thai arena have garnered her numerous titles at a remarkably young age.

Beyond her illustrious fighting career, Jasmine, affectionately known as Jazzy Parr, has established herself as a thriving business in her own right. Her coaching expertise attracts a diverse clientele from various backgrounds. Whether clients are looking to shed pounds and get in shape or aspire to reach peak athletic performance, Jazzy offers expert guidance and instruction tailored to their unique goals.

Jasmine Parr is an integral part of the renowned Parr Team, who own and operate the Boonchu Muay Thai Gym located on the Gold Coast in Australia. Over the years, this gym has earned a stellar reputation for delivering precisely what clients desire, whether it's grooming champion fighters or helping individuals sculpt a better physique. Boonchu Gym goes beyond conventional fitness programs, offering outcomes that extend far beyond what one might achieve at an ordinary gym.

Jazzy Parr's upbringing immersed in an industry characterized by long-term goal setting, as well as a focus on health, fitness, and self-defense, provides her with a distinct advantage over others in the fitness business. This knowledge represents a valuable opportunity for her clients, who benefit from her expertise and unique perspective.

Boonchu Gym, located at 7/9 Kortum Drive, Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia 4220, stands as a testament to Jazzy Parr's dedication to her craft and her commitment to helping clients achieve their fitness and martial arts goals. For more information, you can visit their website at www.boonchu.com.

Awards & Certifications

Fitness trainer | 2010-01-01

Work Experience

Boonchu Gym | Instructor

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Burleigh Heads, QLD, AU

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."