Junior McInnes

Junior McInnes

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Meet Junior McInnes, a remarkable individual who has immersed himself in the world of martial arts, achieving a remarkable 3rd Dan in Shorin Kempo. His journey through the realm of combat has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, with each step serving as a testament to his unwavering dedication and indomitable spirit.

Born on February 25, 1997, into a family deeply rooted in martial arts, Junior McInnes was destined for greatness from the very beginning. With a fervent passion ignited within him at birth, he embarked on a lifelong exploration of the martial arts lifestyle. As the years unfolded, Junior not only mastered the art of Shorin Kempo but also carved a name for himself as an International Champion, setting the stage for a career that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Yet, beyond his numerous accomplishments lies a wisdom and depth of knowledge that belie his youthful age. Junior McInnes has evolved into a coach par excellence, his wisdom extending far beyond the years one might expect. His experiences have bestowed upon him a unique perspective, one that resonates with aspiring martial artists and enthusiasts alike. A beacon of inspiration, Junior's trajectory in the world of martial arts seems poised to influence and guide generations to come.

A true testament to his unrelenting commitment, Junior McInnes stands as one of the select few who have undertaken and triumphed over the rigorous 1000-day Uchi Deshi program of the Shorin Kempo style. This monumental feat demands not only physical prowess but also an unyielding resolve. Over the course of three intense years, Junior immersed himself in a relentless routine of grueling daily training. The program encompassed a myriad of disciplines, ranging from strength and conditioning to foundational training, punctuated by countless rounds of full-contact sparring. However, the program's challenges extended beyond the physical realm, delving into the realms of diet and psychology, where mental fortitude was tested to its limits. Junior's ability to surmount these challenges attests not only to his physical prowess but also to his unshakable determination and discipline.

In the heart of the full-contact Karate arena lies an unparalleled test of endurance and skill—the formidable 100-man Kumite. This daunting trial entails engaging in a staggering 100 rounds, each lasting three minutes, or until a knockout, with fresh opponents in rotation. Few dare to venture into this arena, and fewer still emerge victorious. Enter Sensei McInnes, who shattered all expectations by not only undertaking this Herculean feat but by surpassing it. With an astonishing tally of 110 opponents, Junior etched his name into the annals of martial arts history, standing shoulder to shoulder with the legendary Masutatsu Oyama.

Sensei McInnes isn't solely defined by his physical accomplishments; he's also a fervent advocate of exercise science within martial arts. Recognizing that true potential lies within the intersection of technique and physiology, Junior has become a beacon of knowledge in this sphere. His methodologies are tried and tested, a testament to his own journey toward reaching the pinnacle of his potential. In a world where safety is paramount, Sensei McInnes prioritizes the development of strong, resilient bodies that will serve as vessels for quality of life, both within and beyond the dojo.

Junior McInnes' story is one that resonates with the essence of perseverance, dedication, and the unending quest for self-mastery. As he continues to evolve and inspire, it is undeniable that his path will lead him to become a revered leader, shaping the future of martial arts and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to cross his path.

Awards & Certifications

National Karate Champion - Thaland | 2017-03-09

Work Experience

World Kumite Headquarters - Chonburi Thailand | Senior Coach

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