Kenn Shiell

Kenn Shiell

Coaching Category: Martial Arts

Specialization(s): Life Coach


Beginning from 1978, Kenn ventured into personal discovery through physical exercise as a means to self heal and regenerate himself. His interest then on always lay in rehab & healing, in one way, due to the many physical encounters he had through his own life, plus a strong internal calling. His Fitness Centre was known as The Professional Body Renovators from which he worked with many people over a long period.

In 1985 he became frustrated with the limitations of physical exercise as an absolute means to restoring health & wellbeing and found himself exploring alternative methods of healing. As a result of his searching he had a totally unexpected series of spiritual awakenings in June 1985 which revealed many things unseen or even imagined prior.

In 1986 he established the Hepburn Springs Spa / Mineral Water Bath House introducing alternative healing practices. This was the beginning of many natural healing experiences where in he trained in many forms of massage, meditation & exercise rehab practices along with Meta-Physics & now Shaking Medicine, plus he has also drawn a wealth of wisdom from having worked in many varying fields/positions & had approximately thirty different occupations, along with being well traveled, hence he is very worldly and no stranger to Life’s varying experiences on offer along with the challenges faced by all.

He is now known as a Meta Physician / Teacher / Spiritual Wellbeing Consultant & Artisan at Heart. He is a Master practitioner, and in 2010 he was awarded a government certification with a Diploma in Teaching.

When asked what he does, he responds “what every is necessary." His motto is, If we teach others to trust & believe (Be & Live) in their own selves, they may avoid being misled by others & also by our self.

Professional Body-Mind & Energy Rejuvenation

Awards & Certifications

Diploma in Metaphysics | 2012-08-21

Work Experience

Shaking Medicine | Representative

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  • I am incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with Kenn on my journey to health and self-discovery. His profound expertise and unwavering dedication to healing have left an indelible mark on my life. From the moment I stepped into his Fitness Centre, known as The Professional Body Renovators, I knew I was in the hands of a true visionary. Kenn's unique approach, fueled by his own personal encounters and spiritual awakenings, introduced me to a world of alternative healing practices that extended far beyond the limitations of physical exercise. His extensive training in various forms of massage, meditation, exercise rehab practices, and Meta-Physics, coupled with his worldly experiences, have bestowed upon him a wealth of wisdom that he generously imparts. As a Meta Physician, Teacher, and Spiritual Wellbeing Consultant, Kenn's guidance has been transformative. He instills the belief that trusting and believing in oneself is the ultimate key to navigating life's challenges and complexities. His motto, "what is necessary," underscores his adaptability and commitment to tailor his guidance to individual needs. Kenn's impact on my journey towards holistic wellbeing is immeasurable, and I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.

    Barry Johnston on Aug:2023

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Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, AU

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