Mario San Giorgio

Mario San Giorgio

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Mario San Giorgio boasts a 5th Dan Black Belt in Karate and a Brown Belt in BJJ, with over two decades of teaching experience in the vibrant Sydney region. Serving as a senior coach at the Integrated Martial Arts Academy in Peakhurst and Canterbury, Sydney, Mario brings a wealth of expertise beyond the realm of Karate.

Passionate about lifelong learning and continual growth, Mario's martial arts journey extends into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where he proudly holds a purple belt. Additionally, he's a certified Kru (instructor) in Muay Thai. While Mario's early training encompassed Tang Soo Do and Jow Gar kung Fu, his current focus centers on sharing the physical and mental advantages of Karate Kickboxing and BJJ with his students.

For Mario, martial arts encapsulate effective self-defense, self-discipline, and the demonstration of respect and humility. He believes that bodily strength is cultivated through hard work, while a resilient mind and spirit spring from the desire to succeed. When these pursuits take place in a safe and friendly environment, success becomes all the more attainable.

Mario recognizes that inspiration and motivation should emanate from his training, especially when it comes to the competition mats. He encourages his students to love their chosen art and view each training session or competition as a steppingstone toward positive growth and personal achievements. His guiding motto, "Per se balen" (Strength in oneself), underscores his philosophy.

Having personally experienced profound transformations through martial arts, Mario is exceptionally equipped to impart this knowledge to others. He understands that no textbook or course can replace the personal connection and insight a dedicated practitioner can provide. Mario San Giorgio is committed to enriching the lives of students at the "Integrated Martial Arts Academy" with the invaluable wisdom he's gained over the years.

As both a martial artist and coach, Mario's primary focus is on cultivating a professional and motivating training environment for both kids and adults alike. Recognizing that motivation and inspiration are key to effective learning, he blends elements of fun, variety, and strong leadership to assist his students in setting and achieving their goals with ease.

Awards & Certifications

5th Dan Karate | 2005-09-21

Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu jitsu | 2018-08-09

Work Experience

Integrated Martial Arts Academy | Senior Coach

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Peakhurst, NSW, AU

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."