Richard Gale

Richard Gale

Coaching Category: Martial Arts

Specialization(s): Karate


Sensei Richard Gale stands as an indomitable force within the realm of traditional karate, an esteemed figure whose journey spans over four decades, marked by an unyielding dedication to the art form. Internationally recognized for his mastery and expertise, Sensei Richard has traversed a profound path, embodying the spirit and essence of karate in its purest form.

His odyssey into the world of karate commenced in 1982, a pivotal moment that seeded a passion within Sensei Richard, a passion that has continued to flourish and integrate itself deeper into the very fabric of his life with each passing year. His initial foray into the discipline culminated in a significant milestone in 1990 when he achieved the Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) ranking with the Japan Karate Association (JKA Shotokan), a testament to his dedication and commitment. Yet, this was merely the inception of a journey marked by relentless pursuit and continuous evolution.

Venturing into the realm of Goju-ryu, Sensei Richard broadened his horizons, seeking wisdom and mastery under the guidance of Kobayshi Sensei with the Nippon Seibukan Karate Academy. The years that followed were marked by a crescendo of achievements and accolades—a testament to his unswerving dedication and unwavering spirit.

The tapestry of Sensei Richard's accomplishments is woven with the threads of perseverance and unrelenting pursuit. His progression through the ranks was marked by milestones that speak volumes of his dedication: attaining Nidan (2nd Dan) with both the Nippon Seibukan Karate Academy and JKA in 1992, followed by the achievement of Sandan (3rd Dan) in 1998. The pinnacle of his karate journey manifested in December of 2018 when Sensei Richard was bestowed with the esteemed rank of Godan (5th Dan) under the tutelage of Sensei Damien Martin and Hanna Thornton—a testament to his unwavering commitment and depth of knowledge.

Sensei Richard's life journey expanded beyond the realm of karate as he joined the Australian Army in 2000, where his dedication and expertise were further honed. Rising through the ranks to the esteemed position of Sergeant, his tenure saw him become a qualified unarmed combat instructor, a testament to his prowess and proficiency.

A luminary in the world of competitive karate, Sensei Richard boasts an illustrious career spanning over three decades, marked by numerous triumphs and accolades. His journey as a competitor commenced in 1986, catapulting him into the limelight as a formidable force within state and national teams. A winner of state, national, and world titles, Sensei Richard's prowess in the competitive arena remains unparalleled. His return to competitive karate in 2016 saw a resurgence of victories, claiming state, national, and world titles, a testament to his enduring skill and tenacity. Recognition of his outstanding contributions culminated in his induction into the ISKA Hall of Fame in 2017, an accolade that immortalizes his impact on the world of karate.

A beacon of guidance and wisdom, Sensei Richard has been nurturing and shaping aspiring practitioners since 1990, imparting his profound knowledge at every level. His role extends beyond teaching, encompassing coaching duties for state and national squads, sculpting the future of karate through his mentorship.

Sensei Richard's dedication to the art extends beyond the physical realm, evident in his array of qualifications—a Level 4 National Referee with the International Sports Karate Federation (ISKA), Senior First Aid certification, Blue Card clearance, and formal trainer qualifications, culminating in a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. His pursuit of excellence remains a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art form he holds dear, ensuring the perpetuation of karate's legacy through his teachings and contributions.

Awards & Certifications

5th Dan Karate | 2018-12-10

Work Experience

Okinawan Goju Ryu QLD | Shihan

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