Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan

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Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Robert Sullivan stands as an extraordinary figure in the realm of martial arts, holding the distinguished rank of 8th Dan in Karate. His life's work and dedication to the martial arts have left an indelible mark on the world, and he is the revered founder and Chief of Go Kan Ryu Karate International, known as Kancho Robert Sullivan.

Kancho Robert's journey in the martial arts commenced in 1964, where he embarked on a path that would ultimately lead him to extensive training in both the Shotokan and Goju Kai systems of karate. His passion for martial arts transcends the physical aspects of the discipline, driven by the belief that traditional karate possesses the transformative power to change lives for the better.

In 1984, with two decades of teaching karate under his belt, Kancho Robert made a pivotal decision to establish Go-Kan-Ryu karate. Initially envisioning a modest karate club, he soon realized that teaching karate would become his life's vocation. What began as a humble endeavor has since flourished into a global phenomenon, with tens of thousands of students worldwide benefiting from the teachings and philosophy of Kancho Robert Sullivan.

For Kancho Robert, the essence of karate extends beyond the dojo; it is a force that brings people together, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie. His organization, Go Kan Ryu Karate International, feels like one big extended family, a testament to the sense of belonging and support it provides to its members.

Throughout his illustrious career, Kancho Robert has witnessed countless individuals facing challenges and hardships. Many have turned to karate and the GKR family for solace, guidance, and strength. Through their training, they have found a path towards physical and mental well-being, often bolstered by the unwavering support of fellow students and instructors.

The global COVID-19 pandemic presented an unprecedented challenge to the martial arts community, but Kancho Robert Sullivan and the GKR organization rose to the occasion. Recognizing the need to keep both mind and body active during lockdowns, they swiftly adapted to offer online classes that delivered a full curriculum and live training sessions. The GKR family remained connected and engaged, supporting one another during a time of fear and uncertainty.

Kancho Robert's vision and dedication have transformed GKR from a one-man organization into a global phenomenon. His belief in the power of martial arts to foster personal growth and resilience has resonated with countless individuals. Through the diversity of instructors and the new online platform, he envisions that people will emerge from the challenges of COVID-19 even stronger, armed with the lessons and support of the GKR family.

In conclusion, Kancho Robert Sullivan's lifelong commitment to the martial arts, his creation of the Go Kan Ryu Karate International organization, and his unwavering belief in the positive impact of karate on individuals' lives stand as a testament to his extraordinary contributions to the world of martial arts and the well-being of those he has touched.

Awards & Certifications

8th Dan in Karate | 2011-11-11

Work Experience

Go Kan Ryu Karate International Kancho Robert | Founder and Owner

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