Sharelle Iversen

Sharelle Iversen

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Sharelle Iversen is not just a martial artist; she is a shining example of dedication, resilience, and leadership in the world of Karate. Holding the esteemed rank of 2nd Dan Black belt, Sempai Sharelle's journey in the martial arts commenced in 1995, marking the beginning of a remarkable odyssey filled with unwavering commitment and unyielding strength.

After taking a brief hiatus from her training to embrace the joys and responsibilities of motherhood, Sharelle Iversen returned to the dojo with a fierce determination to fulfill her original goal – achieving the coveted Black belt. Her triumphant return was marked not only by a steely focus but also by an indomitable courage that inspired those around her. In accomplishing her dream, she transformed into a beacon of hope and perseverance for others seeking a trustworthy and resolute leader.

As a practitioner of the martial arts, Sharelle stands as a formidable force. Her journey to the Black belt is a testament to her unwavering commitment to mastering the art of Karate. Yet, it is in her role as a teacher that Sharelle truly shines. With a heart filled with compassion and empathy, she guides her students on a transformative journey, instilling not only the technical prowess of Karate but also the values of respect, discipline, and self-belief.

Sharelle's ability to connect with her students on a deep and personal level sets her apart as an instructor. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that martial arts training is not just about physical skills but also about nurturing the spirit and character of each student. Under her tutelage, many have not only excelled in Karate but have also grown as individuals, carrying the lessons learned on the mat into their everyday lives.

Within the Teshinkai karate community, Sempai Sharelle has earned immense respect and admiration from her peers. Her journey from a dedicated student to a revered instructor has been marked by unwavering loyalty and a steadfast commitment to the art and its values. She has become a beloved and accomplished member of the Teshinkai karate team, embodying the essence of martial arts both on and off the mat.

Today, Sharelle Iversen leads the way as she operates regular classes, imparting her knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of martial artists. She has become the favored instructor of many students who proudly call her their teacher. Sharelle's classes are not just about Karate techniques; they are about instilling a sense of purpose, discipline, and self-belief in her students.

In the grand tapestry of martial arts, Sharelle Iversen's story is one of unwavering commitment, personal triumph, and a profound impact on the lives of her students. Her journey from a determined beginner to a revered instructor and leader is a testament to the transformative power of martial arts, and her legacy is one of inspiration and excellence that will continue to guide and uplift those who have the privilege of training under her guidance

Awards & Certifications

2nd dan Teshinkai Karate | 2022-12-10

Work Experience

Bendigo Mixed Martial Arts Academy | Coach

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