Stuart Brooks

Stuart Brooks

Coaching Category: Martial Arts

Specialization(s): Martial arts coach


Stuart Brooks holds the title of Sifu in Shaolin Kung Fu Sifu Stuart Brooks began training at a young age and has been directly involved in martial arts for over 43 years. Sifu Stuart over the years has cross trained in several martial art systems but calls Kung Fu his major discipline. 

The many years of professional development in self-defence concepts has given him a good understanding of what ingredients are required for a great martial art based self defence program. Sifu Stuart understands the benefits of martial arts for individuals and communities and therefore has a mission to spread the knowledge that has contributed to his life. 

The benefits of martial arts are well documented, but it’s the delivery mechanism and blend that makes a program great. Stuart believes that the programs that he offers at his academy are perfect for small children all the way to adult. Sifu Stuart has a goal to spread the benefits of martial arts based self defence to as many people as possible with the view of changing their lives for the better. At the Shaolin Martial Arts Centre (SMAC) you can expect to learn traditional martial arts with a modern-day influence, in other words a more practical and pragmatic approach to self-defence. 

The centre undertakes a risk assessment and undertakes thorough risk management of all programs from crime prevention strategies to environmental design which is designed to protect all students at every level. Programs include TINY TIGERS, LIL' DRAGONS, SHAOLIN KUNG FU, SAN SHAO CHINESE KICKBOXING, BUDO RYU KEMPO, and HYPER KUNG FU! SMAC also offer - FITNESS KICKBOXING, STRETCH & STRENGTH, STRETCH & ACRO, BLACK BELT CLUB & MASTERS CLUB. Stuart is well recognised and respected by his community and the martial arts industry. 

The fine work in providing a significant community program have given him a reputation of quality and resourcefulness. Sifu Stuart and his Shaolin Martial Arts Centre can be found in 1/201 Dunheved Rd, Werrington, NSW, Australia.

Awards & Certifications

Shaolin Kung Fu Sifu | 2012-10-10

Work Experience

Shaolin Martial Arts Centre | Owner

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Jordan Springs, NSW, AU

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."