Tamara Thompson

Tamara Thompson

Coaching Category: Martial Arts

Specialization(s): Karate


Tamara Thompson is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate. Sensei Tamara has been training karate for most of her adult life. First beginning in Kyokushinkai Karate in the 80's than continuing her journey with Teshinkai from 2005. Sensei Tamara is a State and National Champion in her competition category of kata and continues to be a role model for all up and coming competitors at Teshinkai karate. As a martial arts teacher Sensei Tamara has served hundreds of students, providing them a guiding hand to also achieve the fine points of traditional Karate. Sensei Tamara is recognised and highly respected for her commitment to the mental and spiritual aspects of Karate. Sensei believes that Karate is a lifelong journey and believes in the attitude of continuous improvement, no matter what live presents us. This attitude holds Sensei tamara in the highest esteem of those who know her.

Awards & Certifications

3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate | 2002-02-02

Work Experience

Bendigo Mixed Martial Arts Academy | Instructor

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Contact details

Golden Square, VIC, AU

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