Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Dave Richardson is a Sifu (Master) in Wing Chun Kung Fu. Sifu Dave began his martial arts study in 1989 which included Wing Chun, Muay Thai and Boxing. Sifu Dave solidified his practical training when he worked as a security professional in the South Bank Parklands in Brisbane, Indy Carnival on the Gold Coast and various other sites. Back in Brisbane, Sifu Dave was having lunch at a restaurant one day when an elderly Chinese gentleman overheard a conversation about Wing Chun, and he asked who Sifu Dave trained under. This gentleman turned out to be Grandmaster Gregory Choi, who had also trained under Grandmaster Ip Man. It was fate that this meeting occurred, and it was also Sifu Dave’s good fortune to be accepted as Grandmaster Choi’s final student. This proved to be the moment that forever changed the direction and purpose in Sifu Dave's life and opened up a higher understanding of the art of Wing Chun. Sifu Dave is continuing his training and studies under the watchful eye of Grandmaster Choi and is learning the teachings of Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong as passed down by Grandmaster Choi. He is committed to ensuring the art of Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong is preserved for future generations and that the methods practiced are effective and have been tested in a real-world environment.

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