Glen Gibbons

Glen Gibbons

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Glen Gibbons is a 7th Dan in Karate Shihan Glen Gibbons is a career martial artist who has been providing quality martial arts in Australia's Capital City, Canberra. Shihan Glen began training in martial arts in 1982 and began his Kyokushin journey in 1986. It wasn't long before he knew he wanted to make his passion a larger part of his life. Canberra Martial Arts has been a leading dojo in the region for close to 20 years. During this time many thousands of students has passed through its doors with many going on to achieve black belt and achieve national recognition in the various competition circuits supported and directed by Shihan Gibbons. Shihan Gibbons has a philosophy of training where he believes strong karate is the way to a more fulfilled life and as a consequence, he has been changing the lives of many Canberra practitioners lives for the better and has plans to carry this through for many years to come.

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Duffy, ACT, AU

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