Hugh Doherty

Hugh Doherty

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Hugh Doherty is a highly accomplished martial artist with an impressive array of achievements and qualifications. With a 7th Dan Black Belt in Ju Jitsu and expertise in various other martial arts disciplines, he stands as a true master in the field. Alongside his wife Elizabeth, Shihan Hugh is the proud owner and operator of Qi (Chi) Martial Arts and Fitness Gym, a prestigious establishment located in the beautiful area of Bayside Melbourne.

As you step into Qi Martial Arts and Fitness, you will immediately be captivated by the traditional and elegant ambiance of the dojo. This meticulously designed space serves as a sanctuary for practitioners of diverse martial arts styles, as well as a hub for comprehensive health and fitness services. In addition to martial arts training, the facility offers a wide range of offerings, including weight training and massage, ensuring a holistic approach to physical well-being.

Hugh Doherty's dedication to martial arts is unparalleled, as he has embarked on annual journeys for the past two decades to expand his knowledge and expertise in various martial arts systems. Immersed in the authentic training methods and philosophies of Jujitsu, karate, Sword, and the Filipino Martial Arts of Escrima, he has become a true pioneer of Martial Arts in Australia. Hugh's commitment to mastery is evident through his status as the National Representative of four different disciplines, solidifying his position as one of the original multi-style masters.

However, Hugh's pursuits extend far beyond the realm of martial arts. He has consistently advocated for ongoing professional development, seeking to enhance his skills and knowledge in diverse areas. Among his impressive list of completed trainings and qualifications, Hugh holds a Diploma in Fitness, a Diploma in Sports Coaching, a Diploma in Sport Development, and the esteemed Level 3 Sports Coach certification. Moreover, his expertise extends to the world of scuba diving, where he serves as an Instructor Trainer in Scuba (NAUI). Additionally, he has pursued undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Health, and has been recognized as a certified OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) professional by the AIHS (Australian Institute of Health and Safety).

Hugh Doherty's commitment to personal growth and professional excellence showcases his unwavering dedication to the martial arts and fitness industry. He not only speaks about his passion but lives it daily, establishing himself as an influential figure and industry leader. With a profound belief in the preservation of tradition and integrity within the systems he dedicates himself to, Hugh serves as a beacon of inspiration for both his students and peers.

Together with his wife Liz, Hugh Doherty strives to make a positive impact on the local community through their unparalleled martial arts program. Whether it's empowering school groups, providing self-defense training for women, enhancing fitness levels, or teaching the intricacies of kickboxing, jujitsu, and karate, their comprehensive offerings cater to every sector of society. The wide range of programs and services available at Qi Martial Arts and Fitness Gym is a testament to the vast knowledge and expertise housed within its walls.

In summary, Hugh Doherty's biography illuminates a life devoted to martial arts mastery, continual self-improvement, and community service. His extensive qualifications, unwavering commitment, and genuine passion for tradition and integrity make him an exceptional figure in the world of martial arts. With his wife Liz, he has created a haven for martial arts enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts alike, providing a comprehensive range of services that cater to the diverse needs of individuals and groups within the local community.

Awards & Certifications

Diploma Sport Coaching (Martial Arts) | 2010-02-09

Certificate IV in Fitness | 2011-06-21

Menkyo Kaden (Highest Level award) Yawara | 2008-01-20

7th Dan Ju Jitsu | 2016-08-23

Menkyo Certification Ju Jitsu (Renshi Level) | 2002-11-02

Work Experience

Qi Martial Arts and Fitness | Director

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Melbourne, VIC, AU

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