John Beckman

John Beckman

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


John Beckman, a martial arts luminary, holds the esteemed rank of 8th Dan in Ju Jitsu. Known as Hanshi Beckman, he is a revered figure in the world of martial arts, having dedicated numerous years to the development and growth of the Australian Ju Jitsu Association (AJJA), where he currently serves as the elected president. With an unwavering commitment spanning over two decades, John Beckman has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Ju Jitsu in Australia.

Under the umbrella of the AJJA, John Beckman operates his own distinguished Ju Jitsu program, known as Senjutsu Ryu Ju Jitsu. Throughout his illustrious 40-year coaching career, his influence has extended far and wide. His longevity in the art can be attributed to his genuine love for what he does and his profound understanding of the transformative benefits inherent in the practice of a traditional martial arts system.

John Beckman stands as an exceptional ambassador for traditional Ju Jitsu, a fact that is underscored by his continued presidency within the AJJA. In a martial arts landscape often riddled with stormy political climates, John Beckman navigates the peaks and troughs with a remarkable sense of calm and composure, a rarity achieved by few throughout their lifetimes.

As an educator, John Beckman prioritizes the holistic development of his students. Renowned for his "iron fist/velvet glove" approach, he successfully achieves the best possible results, molding individuals into formidable martial artists. His teaching methodologies are conducive to the cultivation of champions, ensuring the perpetuation and safeguarding of the art for future generations.

In addition to his commitment to his students, John Beckman's Senjutsu-Ryu Ju Jitsu system extends its reach to school groups. The program offers introductory self-defense sessions, providing students with valuable skills that are both simple and effective, applicable in various school and real-life situations. Regular classes are held across multiple locations in Melbourne, Australia, including Altona, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, and Williamstown. Senjutsu Ryu Ju Jitsu caters to juniors and adults alike, accommodating individuals seeking fitness, self-defense, and more.

John Beckman's unwavering dedication to the art of Ju Jitsu, coupled with his role as a mentor, has left an indelible impact on the martial arts community. Through his leadership, the Australian Ju Jitsu Association continues to thrive, providing a platform for the development of future martial arts enthusiasts and the preservation of a rich and time-honored tradition.

To discover more about the Senjutsu Ryu Ju Jitsu program and experience the transformative power of traditional martial arts, visit their website or attend one of their classes in Melbourne, Australia. Whether you seek personal growth, self-defense skills, or simply a path to fitness, John Beckman's expertise and his team's guidance will ensure you embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Awards & Certifications

8th Dan in Ju Jitsu | 2009-02-01

Work Experience

Australian Ju Jitsu Association | President

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