Melinda Baksi

Melinda Baksi

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Melinda Baksi is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate. Sensei Melinda Baksi began her Kyokushin karate journey in 1987 in Hungary with Shihan Josef Borza and joined the Hungarian Army in 1997, fulfilling her childhood dream, and pursued her education at the Zrinyi Miklos National Defence University at Budapest. Melinda studied Kyokushin fighting with military self-defence & weapons under Major General (shihan) Furko Sensei Melinda was awarded the title of “Sport Officer”, due to her sporting achievements. When Hungary joined NATO in 1997, Melinda was the only woman to represent her country in a special joint exercise weapon demonstration to the NATO commanders and to the public. Sensei Melinda was required to demonstrate her self-defence and Karate skills against multiple armed attackers. Sensei Melinda trained new recruits in basic martial arts techniques as part of their training in the Army, she also underwent special military training as part of the ENSZ Peacekeeping Mission to Cyprus. Sensei Melinda Baksi holds a Personal Close Protection Officer licence, where her military and martial art experience benefits her greatly. She also enjoys shooting at her local pistol club. As a Marine Rescue volunteer Sensei Melinda has had the privilege of completing many different life saving courses including Advanced First Aid, Sea Survival, Fire Safety certified through Marine Rescue and is working with children checked. Sensei also attended special Uchi-Deshi live in training camps in Hungary, employing intensive physical training prior to competitions. Sensei Melinda was a member of the Hungarian National Championship team from 2003, winning several tournaments and also competed in Australia on a national level, with great results. In 2005, Sensei took part in a winter camp in Hungary, and she completed a 100 kumite (fight test), fighting with only men. Sensei Melinda’s extensive experience has given her the skills to train children to great success in competition in Hungary, where her team competed and won in both national and junior Olympic level competitions. Sensei Melinda attended an Uchi Deshi (live-in dojo) training program with Shihan Artur Hovhanissyan in Japan in 2018 and visited shihan again in 2019 full time, dedicating her time fully to the study and training of Kyokushin. Sensei Melinda began teaching in 1998 and her focus as an instructor is on technical proficiency, fitness and fighting techniques. She ran kids programs, teen and adult novice and intermediate programs overseas and Australia. Sensei Melinda has gained invaluable experience teaching kids with various physical and mental challenges such as ADHD, vision impairment, and mild autism (to name a few). Sensei Melinda is also approved to teach disabled children through the NDIS scheme. Sensei Melinda regularly attends international seminars and black belt conferences held in Japan and Australia, and has been trained by the highest levels of instructors from all corners of the Kyokushin World. She enjoy’s all aspects of Kyokushin karate and has particular interest in self-defence and the richness and discipline of the Japanese culture. Sensei Melinda’s Dojo and Organisation provides kids with competition opportunities in Australia as well as overseas. They also offer Kyokushinkai Karate camps during school holidays, as well as seminar weekends in Australia with local and international instructors, and for those children competing in Japan, also the privilege of attending the Kyokushin founder’s memorial ceremony at Mount Mitsumine Training Camp.

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