Nicholas (Nick) Noordink

Nicholas (Nick) Noordink

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Nick Noordink, a revered figure in the world of martial arts, holds the distinguished rank of 3rd Dan in Karate. Hailing from the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia, Sensei Nick has garnered widespread recognition as an exceptional martial arts instructor. His remarkable journey began in the early 2000s when he embarked on the path of martial arts. After achieving the coveted Shodan (1st Dan) rank, Sensei Nick chose to deepen his commitment to karate by immersing himself in teaching and actively participating in Australia's largest tournament circuit, the National All Styles - NAS.

Sensei Nick's training methodology is deeply rooted in tradition, emphasizing the values of perseverance, dedication, and integrity. As a highly skilled martial artist, he firmly believes that a structured and systematic approach to instruction greatly enhances the likelihood of student success, fostering a program that instills positive community values. In his own words, Sensei Nick expresses his dedication to creating an environment that nurtures character development in children and supports parents. He encourages families to train together, thereby optimizing their time. At his dojo, "Bonsai Karate," every individual is warmly welcomed into a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Karate, renowned for its holistic benefits to the body and mind, equips practitioners with invaluable life skills. Sensei Nick has tailored specialized programs at Bonsai Karate, catering to diverse members of the community. From children's classes to programs tailored for older adults, and catering to both beginners and high-performance athletes, Bonsai Karate offers a comprehensive range of training opportunities.

Bonsai Karate finds its home in Virginia, Brisbane, Queensland, serving as a hub for individuals seeking to embark on their own martial arts journeys.

Awards & Certifications

3rd dan Black Belt Karate | 2018-06-23

Certificate in Community Coaching | 2017-07-05

Certificate in Child Protection PBTR | 2017-07-05

Work Experience

Bonsai Karate | Director

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Virginia, Queensland, AU

"Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!."