Ram Maharjan

Ram Maharjan

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Ram Maharjan is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Karate. Shihandai Ram is the Nepal Branch Chief of the Teshinkai Karate Organisation Asia. Shihandai Ram is resonsible for training many champions in the region and was selected by the Teshinkai organisation as based on his community values, expertise in the art and understanding of the benefits that budo Karate brings to individuals and communities. Shihandai Ram has worked diligently over many years to bring to the people of Nepal quality martial arts for the benefit of his community. It takes many years of diligent and hard training to reach the point where you can call yourself 4th Dan. Shihandai Ram has shown he has what it takes physically and spiritually, but its the moral qualities of Shihandai Ram that sets him apart from others. We will here much more from Shihan Dai Ram as he expands his Karate style throughout the Napal region. Shihandai Ram Maharjan, Teshinkai Nepal, Godawari Mancipality, Nepal

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Lalitpur, Godawari Mancipality, NP

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