Sharon Anyos

Sharon Anyos

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Sharon Anyos is an accomplished Australian Boxer, renowned for her exceptional achievements in the sport. In 2022, she made history as the sole female boxer to be inducted into the esteemed Australian National Boxing Federation Hall of Fame. Recognized as one of the greatest fighters, Sharon's remarkable career also earned her a forthcoming induction into the International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame. Her exceptional skills were acknowledged with the prestigious WBC Emeritus award, a distinction shared by legendary boxing figures such as Kosta Tszyu, Lennox Lewis, Floyd Mayweather, Vitali Klitchco, and Laila Ali.

Sharon's impact on women's boxing goes beyond her accolades. A trailblazer in the demanding world of boxing, she shattered barriers and paved the way for future generations. In 2000, she became the first Australian woman to claim a world boxing title, triumphing in three separate championships. One of her most memorable battles took place in her hometown of Gold Coast in 2005, where she overcame Argentinean opponent Marcela Acuna to secure the inaugural WBC Featherweight title. This fight, considered the toughest of her career, showcased Sharon's indomitable spirit as she persevered through a broken cheekbone and finger sustained from a head butt, displaying both her toughness and exceptional skills. In total, she emerged victorious in 14 out of her 17 fights, capturing five world titles, four of which came by knockout.

Beyond her boxing prowess, Sharon is a passionate advocate for the benefits of boxing and martial arts. She embarked on her fighting journey as a child under the tutelage of the esteemed martial artist and coach, Les Anyos, and currently holds a distinguished 6th degree black belt in Shinbukai Karate. Recognizing the myriad advantages martial arts offer, Sharon firmly believes in its ability to open doors and empower individuals. She considers boxing and martial arts training as pathways to lifelong opportunities for women. By sharing her experiences and expertise, Sharon aims to pass on the documented benefits of martial arts, which encompass improved physical health, enjoyment, social connections, lasting friendships, self-defense skills, and enhanced resilience in overcoming day-to-day challenges

Awards & Certifications

Australian and International Champion | 2018-07-08

Work Experience

Shinbu Kai Karate | Karate and Muay Thai Coach

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Gold Coast, Queensland, AU

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