Simon Pedelty

Simon Pedelty

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Simon Pedelty is a Sifu (4th degree black sash) in Kung Fu. My Gradings: Sifu Billy Peng, Li Kris Han Panther Kung Fu - Black Sash Golden Lion Kung Fu Academy 3rd degree red sash Liang I / Shaolin Kung Fu Guen / Staff accreditation Sifu Anwar Spaul - Eagle Claw Kung Fu Mentor Sifu Simon has developed and delivered behavior intervention programs for individuals living with complex disability/psycho social support needs. Sifu Simon also holds Victorian and National martial arts titles , he is a devoted community practitioner who understands the true value of martial arts and its therapeutic benefits. As a competitor on the National All Styles circuit Simon is well respected and has a string of competition victories to his name. The "5 animal" Wushu style forms he performs are dynamic and high on the scale of complexity . Sifu Simon continues to demonstrate the flexibility and agility that can only be achieved by a healthy lifestyle and a passion for continual improvement. As a judge and referee, Sifu Simon is sought after within the National All Styles (NAS) for his impartial and professional adjudication. As a NAS referee, Sifu Simon understands what is needed both from a competitors perspective and a referees perspective, this is what makes him valued in competition circles. Sifu Simon Pedelty strives to understand the needs of clients and is able to use his Kung Fu/life coaching knowledge to inspire individuals and their support networks.

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Geelong, VIC, AU

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