Andrew Cheung

Andrew Cheung

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Andrew Cheung, a distinguished Sifu (master) of Wing Chun Kung Fu, boasts a lifelong dedication to this profound martial art, honing his skills under the tutelage of the renowned Grand Master William Cheung, his father. As the Chief Instructor at Cheungs Wing Chun Academy, Sifu Andrew Cheung, despite his youthful vigor, has profoundly impacted the global Wing Chun community by imparting traditional Wing Chun teachings to thousands of practitioners across Australia and internationally.

With unwavering strength, commitment, and a deep-seated dedication to preserving and advancing this venerable martial arts tradition, Sifu Andrew Cheung stands as a beacon for the next generation of Wing Chun practitioners. His influence extends far beyond the academy, as he conducts workshops and imparts his expert knowledge to enthusiasts worldwide.

Sought after as an authority in the field, Sifu Andrew Cheung possesses extensive experience in teaching diverse groups, including private sessions, school groups, and women's self-defense classes. It comes as no surprise that under his tutelage, the art of Wing Chun continues to flourish and gain popularity on a global scale.

Wing Chun Melbourne, Martial arts Melbourne, and Kung Fu Melbourne enthusiasts alike are fortunate to have Sifu Andrew Cheung as a dedicated guardian and ambassador of this highly effective martial art form.

Awards & Certifications

Chief Instructor at Cheungs Wing Chun Academy | 2014-02-01

Work Experience

Cheungs Wing Chun Academy | Sifu (master) of Wing Chun Kung Fu

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Pascoe Vale South, VIC, AU

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