Lance McInnes

Lance McInnes

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This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Lance is a 7th Dan Black belt in Kyokushin Karate. Shihan Lance has over 50 years of Karate training experience and is recognised as one of Australia's highest-ranking Kyokushinkai karate practitioners under the Hasegawa Kyokushin group. Shihan Lance's area of expertise is weapons and particularly renowned for his Bo & Kata skills. He has been looking after the needs of Kyokushin practitioners for most of his life, and his passion and service to the local community are exemplary. Shihan Lance has trained thousands of students, his mentorship has established many other students graduating and now running their own dojos. He is seen as a leader of strength and a fine example of the meaning of spirit, commitment and loyalty. Shihan is passionate about preserving the Kyokushin style and is meticulous in ensuring that the techniques taught by Sosai Mas Oyama, the founder of the style, are still taught today.

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Bendigo, VIC, AU

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