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Jack Rozinsky

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Jack Rozinsky is a 9th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Jack Rozinsky is a highly respected Taekwondo instructor and known as Australia’s father of the art. Jack began his martial arts journey in Hungary as a young man training in wrestling and gymnastics. After arriving in Melbourne Australia after fleeing the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, he became involved with the Hungarian community, who had a social club where there was a Judo club and began training in the art. Soon after jack began training at a club called the “Silver Top Taxi” club where he met and trained with many high-calibre instructors. Jack began training in Taekwondo with a visiting instructor called Master Chan-Yong KIM, with whom he would become a brown belt and one of Australia’s first home grown senior Taekwondo students. In 1962, Jack decided to open his own club in St Kilda. The club flourished this was the first club in Australia, many members from this club became very famous instructors in their own right in different martial arts as well. Because the club grew so quickly, Jack needed to relocate to larger premises. Jack takes his position very seriously, as he says “Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and also a way of life, which is the true meaning of “Do” in the word Taekwondo. For many of us we have a responsibility for future generations, we need to show young people the directions that they should take in life and encourage them, for there are no losers in life, only those too afraid to have a go!” The greatest outcome of Jack’s success is best demonstrated in the club at the Melbourne Taekwondo Centre where they have created a family atmosphere, where all ages can practice and participate as a family in a welcoming environment.

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