Jamie Moore

Jamie Moore

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Specialization/s: Martial arts coach, Taekwondo

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Grand Master Jamie Moore holder of a 9th Degree Black belt in Taekwon-do ITF. 9th Dan is the highest rank under the ITF leaving little doubt for the significance of the grade. Grandmaster Jamie was inducted into Taekwondo Hall of Fame and has been promoting Taekwon-do around the world since the early 80’s. He has graded over two thousand black belts and over fifty thousand coloured belts during his time in Taekwondo. Grandmaster Jamie Moore was awarded the Prestigious 9-star Outstanding Instructors medal by the ITF & recipient of the General Choi Loyalty award. He is also the President of the Organizing Committee for the 14th ITF Senior World Taekwondo Championships held in Australia. Grandmaster Moore began his martial arts journey in 1976 when at the age of 11 he commenced training in the Rhee Taekwon-do system under the World Master Instructor, Rhee Chong Chul who was one of the original 12 Masters of Taekwon-do. Training under Mr Wee Hin Cheah, From Malaysia in 1980 helped to establish Grandmaster Moore in his early days, “training was hard and traditional values were instilled” Jamie recalls. It was from here that he gained his black belt. 1981 - General Choi Hong Hi and the famous Chang Keun Choi also Pioneer in Taekwon-do visited Brisbane, Australia for the OTF and held a seminar where I first trained under General Choi and GM C K Choi 1981 – 1989 Grandmaster Moore competed successfully in many Karate, Kick Boxing and Free style Taekwondo Tournaments, winning in the sparring however back those days the Rhee TKD school charter was non-tournaments one of the reasons why his Instructor left the Rhee TKD system. 1991 - General Choi and Grandmaster Charles E Sereff from the USA came to Australia for a four-day seminar in Ballarat, and Jamie Moore was promoted to 4th Dan International Instructor/Examiner and Certified as ITF International umpire ‘A’ 1993- Travel to the USA to attend the World Sereff, Taekwon-do training camp and special guest was General Choi Grandmaster Jamie Moore is above all else a committed martial artist who oversees the health and wellbeing of many students across the Austral Asia region. Grandmaster Jamie Moore is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and you can reach him via the Coach Check message service on his profile.

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